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Why we all need love and respect in relationships

Couple love

Love and respect always go hand in hand. It seems that this statement is an axiom you don’t even need to speak about ever again. These are completely single-root concepts, and a person should feel this intuitively without further explanation. But what do we see in real life? A person, plunging into a state of falling in love with a pathological passion, distorts the concept of respect. In the sense that, for him or her, respect ends with his or her own feelings and own ego. Moreover, this egoism is not always conscious. It may even seem to a person that all his actions are extremely respectful. This distortion often leads to conflicts, and sometimes, in the most difficult cases, to partings. Respect is a more sober feeling than falling in love. Respect, like true love, is developed over time. These are mature feelings that help us live and communicate with other people. If you manage to comprehend them, there will always be a cosy place in your life where you can hide and ride out the hardships of life. Such a place could be a family where love and respect reign. We insist that people need love and respect in equal proportions. And we insist that these feelings are complementary and indivisible when it comes to romantic relationships. Love and respect are creative feelings. They make our souls rush up and grow. They help us recognise ourselves and the world around us. They allow us and those to whom these feelings are directed to… Read More