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UK Coffee Week: 5 other espresso martini cocktails to try

Espresso martini

It’s UK Coffee Week and there’s no better way to celebrate the occasion than with some delicious caffeinated cocktails courtesy of the masterminds at The Bottle Club. Cinnamon Espresso Martini An autumnal take on the traditional Espresso Martini, a Cinnamon Espresso Martini is just the thing you need to get you through those rainy days and cold nights. Credit: Pxfuel  Ingredients  60ml Monin Cinnamon Syrup  60ml vodka  60ml espresso  1-2 tbsp cinnamon sugar  Cinnamon sticks and coffee beans for garnish How to make  Start by pouring roughly 30ml of the cinnamon syrup on a small plate and covering it with your cinnamon sugar. Then, gently run the rim of the martini glass over the mixture – your cocktail glass is now decorated and Instagram ready!  Once the all-important presentation is out of the way, it’s now time to make your drink! In a cocktail shaker, combine your vodka, espresso and 30ml of syrup and give the contents a good old shake. Finally, strain the drink into your glass and garnish with your coffee beans and cinnamon sticks.  Espresso Tonic Forget a gin and tonic, ever heard of an espresso tonic? Made from two simple ingredients, this booze-free drink will ensure that you won’t miss out on that espresso martini kick, even if you are the designated driver.  Credit: Unsplash Ingredients 100ml tonic water 50ml fresh espresso   How to make Begin by brewing your espresso in a shot glass or small jug and letting it stand. While this is happening, fill your chilled glass with big… Read More