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Get cheap beer when it gets hot: Sydney Beer Co introduces surge pricing

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The higher the mercury goes, the lower your cost of beer becomes. That’s the stuff of a good deal. With summer being as rough as it is in Oz and Sydney being as much of a hard taskmaster as it is when it comes to sweet reprieve, the Sydney Beer Co made a good decision that involves you saving a tonne. Their very own ‘Sydney Beer Co. Summer Price Index’ will dictate the discount on it easy drinking beer that basically means, simply put, when the temperature goes up, the beer price comes down. This temperature focused discounting is an exclusive limited-time thing that can monitor yourself with the temperature price index using your phone. Ranging from 0% to 49%, Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel, Imperial Hotel Erskineville, Daniel San Manly, Park House and Northies will offer discounts to be locked in on Sydney Beer Co. lager based on the real-time temperature. Get it at each venue every day until 17th March 2019. Here’s how to get cheap beer Follow these simple steps to redeem the discount:1. Sign up to the Summer Price Index with Sydney Beer Co. at www.sbcsummerpriceindex.com.2. Once the temperature hits 30°C, choose to lock in your discount.3. Nominate a two-hour block of time on that day to redeem your discount. Note the discount is only valid on the day it’s locked in and for the two-hour block you nominate, with a limit of one claim per person each day, so choose wisely!5. You will receive an email with your discount confirmation.6. Visit a participating venue to… Read More