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So your car broke down… What now?


One of the things you never want to experience when you have a car is to break down on the road. If you have never been involved in a breakdown before, it can be a little daunting and when it happens to you, you might be left clueless on the side of the road not knowing how to handle the situation. Today though, we are going to take a look at the things you need to do when you break down on the road. Get off the road The most important first step to complete when your car breaks down on the road is to pull in somewhere safe and get out of the middle of the lane. Usually, if you notice that your car is starting to stalk and breakdown you can steer it to the side of the road in time and switch on those hazard lights. If there is an instance where the car has stopped in the middle of the road, you may need to get out and get help to push the car out of the road.  Note the location Once you have broken down on the road it is important for you to find out where you are. A lot of the time on a motorway or an A road you will see signs everywhere telling you where you are. You need to know exactly where you are so that when you call for help you can accurately direct people to your location. If you can’t find a sign… Read More