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Bundy Rum does coconut: the new small batch distillery edition

Man cocktail coconut

The second flavour in its Small Batch Distillery Edition, with all the notes of a sun-drenched tropical island, the new batch by Bundaberg Rum is ideal for the season. Coconut Reserve has been expertly crafted by filtering hand selected 16-year-old rum reserves through coconut shell charcoal to develop intriguing and sophisticated notes of chocolate, vanilla, brown sugar, and toasted coconut. This one-of-a-kind rum is one of the distillery’s finest – perfect for enjoying neat, on the rocks, mixed with pineapple juice, or used in a Pina Colada. But why should you care? The Bundaberg Coconut Reserve is the second release from the Small Batch Distillery Edition series that was first released in November last year. The series was created to mark the anniversary of the Distillery’s opening with Bundy celebrating its 133rd birthday this year, using new-aged flavour trends with old-age rums that have been mastered over hundreds of years. So if ever there was a reason to try something new, it’s now. Get Bundaberg Rum Distillery in-store or online for RRP $84.95