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BUDS plant-based burgers look, feel and taste just like a regular beef burger

buds burgers

Sydney’s newest plant-based burger bar, BUDS is, giving Sydney-siders comfort food like no other. The 100% vegan BUDS Burger Bar dark kitchen pop up is the latest newcomer to the Sydney foodie scene and is now available on Uber Eats. Hooray! What’s a dark kitchen? Dark kitchens, also known as virtual restaurants, are taking the COVID-impacted foodservice industry by storm, allowing businesses to cook meals solely to be ordered via delivery apps. It’s a win for all, with foodservice owners utilising empty kitchens that have been left dormant from forced COVID closures and foodies being served up new, innovative menus from the comfort of their homes. Taste has always been at the forefront of solving the challenge between making a conscious and nutritious plant-based patty, and one that is comparable to any non-plant-based alternative. In a blind tasting study done by Sensory Solutions amongst a mixture of meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians, comparing BUDS Burger with the international market leader Beyond Meat, BUDS came out on top as the first preference option of consumers. BUDS Burger Bar is launching with six different burgers to choose from and going bun to bun with this American giant, proving that the Aussie burgers are better! The burger options include BBQ, Chilli, Chimi, Classic, Double and Truffle options, all with vegan cheese, sauces, lettuce and a bun sourced from Australian providores. Tastes like meat!  BUDS Burgers are designed to look, feel, taste and perform like a regular beef burger, yet are designed to be a healthier choice, especially for those… Read More