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Need a new Bluetooth speaker? Try the BlueAnt X3i

BlueAnt wireless speaker blue

Immerse yourself in the world of crystal-clear audio with the BlueAnt X3i, a wireless Bluetooth speaker designed to enhance your listening experience in every possible way. Hailing from the innovative tech labs of BlueAnt, an Australian company renowned for its superior audio products, the X3i promises to redefine the way you listen to your favourite tunes. The X3i boasts a compact, sleek design that is portable and perfect for on-the-go use. It doesn’t compromise on quality either. With a massive 30W of Hi-Fi audio, the product delivers powerful, room-filling sound that will leave you simply astounded. The bass is deep and rich, while the highs are crisp and clear, creating an excellent balance that caters to all genres of music. But what really sets the X3i apart is its cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.0 technology. With an impressive range of up to 20 metres, you’re free to wander and dance around your house while maintaining a solid connection. The speaker also supports a dual pairing mode, enabling you to connect two devices simultaneously for a shared listening experience. Moreover, the X3i is packed with practical features. Its built-in microphone allows for convenient hands-free calls, and the lithium-ion battery offers an impressive 15 hours of playtime on a single charge. The speaker is also IP56 rated for dust and water resistance, making it an ideal companion for beach trips or pool parties. In summary, the BlueAnt X3i is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that guarantees an unparalleled audio experience. With fantastic sound quality, advanced features, and a robust design,… Read More