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Green Elf Trees: Sustainability Champions Delivering Beautiful British Christmas Trees

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What do beautiful British Christmas trees, sustainability champions, reforestation projects, and carbon-negative delivery all have in common? Enter Green Elf Trees, your new go-to source for sustainably sourced Christmas trees, right from the heart of the UK. Green Elf Trees is not just about delivering quality Christmas trees; they’re about making a difference. For every order placed on greenelftrees.co.uk, they pledge to donate to a range of local charities including Dogs Trust, Refugees at Home, Mind, Great Ormond St Children’s Hospital, British Red Cross and Crisis. In addition to their charitable endeavours, Green Elf Trees is a front-runner in the fight for the environment. They now offer rentable pot-grown trees that are collected after Christmas and replanted in the South of England. Plus, they provide sustainable cut trees, sourced locally, delivered by their 100% electric fleet and even offering the option to have your tree collected and recycled post-Christmas. Co-founders Matt Bouloux & Caleb Silcock are excited about the impact Green Elf Trees can have: “Everyone can now celebrate the festive season knowing they’ve made a better decision for their environment, their community and their living room! Whether you prefer a traditional style tree or a pot-grown one, all Green Elf options are premium quality and sustainability focused. We also donate to various charities on your behalf, so you can enjoy an award-winning tree whilst making a positive impact on the world you live in.” With their easy-to-use website, choosing your tree, delivery date, and charity to support has never been simpler. This Christmas, let’s… Read More