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Ben and Jerry’s has made Moo-Phoria a thing with guilt free ice cream

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There’s a light ice cream called Moo-Phoria by Ben and Jerry’s and you need to panic. They’ll all about the euphoria is ice cream and their traditional goodness, so the latest range has done away with a lot of the guilt. Like, you still don’t want to go smashing a whole tub in a night, but if you did, you’d feel less bad about it given they’re estimating about 45% less fat than standard ice cream, with about 150-160 calories per serving. It’s pretty good. Still full of chunks and swirls that you love, the new range of light ice cream has been popular in the US and UK since it hit the shelves in February and now we get to have it, too. Also, it’s Fairtrade certified. The new Moo-Phoria range is available in three flavours, Chocolate Cookie Affair, featuring light chocolate and vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate chip cookies (150 calories per serving), Caramel Cookie Fix, featuring light vanilla ice cream with shortbread cookie and salted caramel swirl (155 calories per serving) and PB Dough, featuring light chocolate ice cream with gobs of chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough (160 calories per serving). For more information, head to their website.