Tag: A world first for art Caldera Festival introduces world first custom immersive art festival

A world first for art: Caldera Festival introduces world first custom immersive art festival

Caldera light

Caldera Festival is the activity that encourages the audience to actively engage with their environment from the moment they enter the event space. And it’s wild. Guided only by light and sound, visitors are invited to search for artworks, discoverable within the Caldera 360º digital playground. Chase each down in turn, click to open, and take charge of the camera angle to tailor your own art experience. Once discovered, each artwork can be visited over and again via an easily accessible menu, for a quick breath of creativity, and the opportunity to try out a new viewing perspective. The Caldera Festival’s been conceived, created and filmed especially for the 360-degree medium and the Caldera 360º performances and artworks are scattered across the site in such a way as to require members to immediately engage and play. Sign up now for the world-first Caldera 360º art experience at 360.caldera.sydney A once-off $10 fee includes unlimited access to the existing five artworks and is also an investment in the creation of future experiences, acting as a kind of crowdfunding to get a second round of content off the ground. For a limited time – until June 30, 2021, new subscribers can enter the promo code FIRE to access a 50% discount.