Tag: 5 Aussie food festivals you need to visit in 2019

5 Aussie food festivals you need to visit in 2019

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Food festivals are a great place to pick up new ideas to experiment with your own home-cooking ventures. We all lead busy lives, so losing creative inspiration in the kitchen happens quite often. Thankfully, many of Australia’s major cities are full of a wide range of amazing food festivals, focusing on a diverse array of cuisines, food types and culinary experiences. If you’re someone who likes to experiment with different foods and recipes, here are several great food festivals you should check out this year! The Food and Wine Festival (August 4) Taking place in Mt Penang Gardens, The Food and Wine Festival features over 100 food and wine vendors. With free entry and more stalls than ever before, this should be the year that you finally check out this great festival. Over 6000 people attended the event in 2018, which featured Hunter Valley winery stalls, cooking demonstrations and gourmet food options. You’ll pick up some great healthy recipes, which you can test and experiment with in your own kitchen. You could find something like this delicious roast chickpea and cauliflower salad. If you think you hate cauliflower, well this recipe will certainly change your mind! The Curated Plate (August 8-11) Featuring some of Australia’s best and most acclaimed chefs, The Curated Plate is a new food festival based on the Sunshine Coast. In its debut year, the line-up will include chefs like Matt Stone, Clayton Wells, Nelly Robinson and Darren Robertson. With a focus on organic and locally-grown produce, The Curated Plate encourages visitors… Read More