Stout is making a comeback and is no longer the drink of nanas

zytho stout

Often perceived as ‘the drink your nana drinks’, stout is back in vogue and is one of the fastest-growing beer subcategories, growing at a rate of over 8 per cent year-on-year in sales. 

“Stout is having a re-birth,” says Bill Ryan, category manager of craft beer at Dan Murphy’s and BWS. “Zytho Stout is leading the category, growing at an annual rate of more than 50 per cent. While stout is predominantly drunk by Baby Boomers and Gen X, Gen Z is switching to stout, too – at a growth rate of almost 10 per cent. 

Beer Diva Kirrily Waldhorn, also known as Australia’s ‘First Lady of Beer’ says stout is the perfect winter drink. 

“Stout has a characteristically complex flavour profile with rich chocolate, coffee and roasted nut notes, creating the perfect indulgent drink to snuggle up by the fire with on a cold winter’s night.”

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Stout’s deliciously roasty and chocolate notes are derived from a portion of roasted barley, which contributes to a slight perception of bitterness, whereas many other beers get their bittering notes from a high use of hops.

Zytho White Stout, RRP: $80 x 24-case; $20 x 4-pack; $6 ea.

Exciting, innovative and totally unique, Zytho White Stout offers a fresh, new take on classic dark Stout. It’s light in colour but comes with all of the roasty toasty complexity that you would expect from a dark Stout. The background smokiness is interlaced with rich coffee and a hint of vanilla, with an intense rush of dark chocolate on sip, creating a delicious, easy- drinking drop.

Zytho Velvet Luxe Stout. RRP: $74 x 24-case; $19 x 4-pack; $6.50 ea.

As the saying goes, “There can be no light, without dark,” which is why Zytho Velvet Luxe Stout makes the perfect partner to Zytho White Stout. Plush, lush and smoother than melted chocolate in a lycra jumpsuit, it features aromas of coffee, cream, raisin and dark chocolate with a full and rich palate, set to satisfy.

Kirrily Waldhorn on how to drink stout

When approaching a stout, channel espresso coffee and dark chocolate flavours… a beautiful, decadent mocha if you like. One of my favourite Stout experiences is to pour It into an elegant champagne flute and pair with rich chocolate petit fours at the end of a meal. Another incredible Stout experience is to pour it into a tulip style glass and sip it with a bitey blue cheese like a gorgonzola or stilton – deliciously indulgent!

For more information visit Dan Murphy’s or BWS.