Sleeping on a plane: How to do it right

Sleep plane

When travelling by plane internationally, your flight may be exhausting, boring, or even make you nervous. That is due to the long hours spent on one seat. In order to avoid getting trapped in that circle of boredom, you need to accept the flight as an ordinary day. That means you should adjust your daily routines to the plane conditions.

While drinking, sleeping, and entertainment aren’t usually a problem, many people find sleeping impossible or really difficult. It’s because of the lack of space, comfort, and the fact you are sleeping in a nearly sitting position. But, that doesn’t mean it should be a bad experience.

Actually, if you know how to prepare for a good rest, you will certainly sleep like a baby. Below, you will find tips on how to sleep well while travelling on a plane. So, put your Bluetooth headphones on and sweet dreams.

Book A Direct Flight Or The Most Direct Route (If Possible)

Not everyone can afford a direct flight because they can get really expensive. But, if you can find a good deal, book it right away. In fact, it would be a good idea to book a red-eye flight because those flights are direct, yet cheaper. Plus, you won’t disrupt your sleeping pattern (sleeping during the night). If you can’t afford a direct flight, find one that doesn’t require you to change planes, even if it has stopovers. In this way, you won’t have to wake up to get on another plane.

Pack The Items You Need For Sleeping In Your Carry-on Bag

When packing your carry-on bag, don’t forget to include the things you need for sleeping. Those things include:

  • Blanket – On the majority of flights, you will be handed a blanket, however, if you can’t sleep if you’re feeling cold, it would be a good idea to bring an additional blanket as it can get really chilly in the aeroplane.
  • Pillow – You could use a small-sized pillow most airlines give to their passengers to put your head on it. But, it would be better if you use a U-shaped pillow.  Although you can put it in the usual position, behind your neck, you could also put it in the front. In this way, you will ensure your head doesn’t go up and down, constantly waking you up.
  • Sleeping mask – Putting a mask on your eyes will prevent the lights bother you, thus helping you fall asleep easily and sleep without interruptions.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones – They don’t allow the noise to get to you, thus ensuring you sleep tight. They also help you avoid conversation with the passenger next to you.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Many people get dressed and try to look good when travelling. But, actually, you don’t need to bother with that since, after 5 or more hours in the same place, no one should be considered about how they look but how they feel in their clothes. So, put something comfortable on, such as sportswear and trainers instead of suit and shoes.

Moreover, you can remove your shoes and sleep only with your socks on. In order to prevent deep vein thrombosis, you should sleep with uncrosses legs. Additionally, doctors recommend using compression stockings to prevent the blood to flow in your legs.

Choose A Good Seat

Having a good seat is another important thing to consider when travelling by plane. Therefore, when booking your flight, you should decide whether you will buy a First Class or an Economy ticket. If you can afford, it’s always better to choose First Class because the seats there offer a lying position and are more comfortable.

But, even if you are in the Economy Class, you can find a good seat. Although you won’t be lying, you can find a good position. So, check-in online as soon as possible, so you can choose your seat.

For good sleep, it’s best to choose a seat by the window, located in the front or in an exit row. That will allow you to lean against the window when sleeping, plus those seats have more legroom. And, avoid seat close to the toilets.

Find The Right Position

Finding a good position allows you to sleep more comfortably. If you are in the First Class, you won’t have this problem. It’s because, as mentioned above, their seats can go into a lying position.

However, if you are in the Economy Class, you need to find a position that is as flat as possible and also gives you enough room for your legs. In order to do that, you should put your seat as far back as possible. And, don’t worry about the passenger behind you because they will do the same.

Buckle Up Your Seatbelt Over Your Blanket

Since you must have your seatbelt buckled up during the entire flight, you need to ensure it doesn’t press too much on your body. That’s why you should, first, cover with your blanket and then buckle the seatbelt over it. Plus, this will prevent the stewardesses from waking you up just to check if you have your seatbelt on.

Be Careful Of What You Eat And Drink

Most people don’t think of this factor. But, what you eat and drink before sleeping affects the quality of your sleep. Therefore, you should eat light food and drink a lot of water, and avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Being on a long flight requires more planning and preparing. It’s because you will spend 8 or more hours at the same place. Plus, you will have to sleep on the plane. And, although people think sleeping is nearly impossible or uncomfortable, it can be quite the opposite if you are well prepared and follow these tips.