Sky Garden London: Where to get the city’s best view

Sky Garden London 1

When it comes to London, there’s a lot to look at. The Tower of London, The Shard, The Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, The Gherkin; it’s a lot to take in for one place.

Combine a few of those into one, launch yourself up the the 31st floor of the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building in the centre of London and you’ve got the Sky Garden; the city’s largest and most flash viewing platform-cum-bar they’ve got to offer.

Officially dubbed as London’s highest garden, Sky Garden is an open space garden, right above London that provides 360 degree views of the city, featuring some of its most renowned sites and historical must-sees.

From the moment you exist the lift, you’re staring down The Shard across the river Thames. To the left; The Tower of London, the fortress that became a home to kings and now houses the Crown Jewels; behind the building, a striking view of ‘The Gherkin’ building and facing West, the rest of London. It’s especially stunning at sunset.

Stay until the evening to see the city light up before nightfall, go early afternoon to be drenched in golden hour sunlight for some of the most stunning photos you can take; go at any time of day for a view that money can’t buy.

Sky Garden does drinks, food, and experiences like no other in London, all expertly executed and perfectly timed. It’s another one of the city’s must-dos.

Make a booking at the Sky Garden website or head over and hope to get in at their address, 20 Fenchurch St, London EC3M 8AF.

Sky Garden London view