The rise of online pokies in Australia

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There has been a significant increase in the number of people playing online pokies in Australia for real money over the past few years. More and more players are discovering this interactive and engaging virtual pursuit, registering with online casinos in their droves in order to play pokies and other online casino games such as video poker and virtual blackjack.

But what has triggered this sharp rise in the popularity of online pokies in Australia, despite so much legislation inhibiting various forms of gambling in the country? Read on to find out!


Live gambling pursuits such as games of poker and sports betting have been popular in Australia for many years, so perhaps it’s not surprising that, with the burgeoning of the online casino industry, so many people would turn online to scratch their gambling itch. After all, online pokies are in abundance on the Internet and are easily accessible so long as you have a computer or a mobile phone and an Internet connection. This ease of access is arguably one of the main reasons behind the increase in the number of Australians turning to online pokies for entertainment.

The zeitgeist

These days, it’s become a natural way of life for so many of our regular activities to be accomplished online – from grocery shopping to catching up with old friends to our daily working routines, and, of course, our entertainment. This includes gambling. After all, being able to play your favourite slot games these days is so easy, it can be done from the comfort of your couch or even from your bed. There is no need to get dressed and use up fuel driving to your nearest casino, where you will have to brave the noise and jostle of many other gamblers.

Pokies and virtual casinos are improving all the time

As technology has developed over the last twenty years, the virtual gambling industry has consistently honed its talents to provide more appealing gaming experiences for players. This includes not only the pokies themselves – which often boast a compelling array of bonus features – but also extends to the casinos. Virtual casinos are in fierce competition with each other and so they offer an array of bonuses and welcome promotions which can be very appealing to gamblers. They also offer a variety of payment methods for easy deposits and withdrawals, including the use of PayPal and even cryptocurrencies.

Plenty of support

Another reason for the blossoming of online pokies in Australia is the customer support provided by online casinos, which is going from strength to strength all the time. Of course, some operators may still be lacking in this department, but, for the most part, online casinos offer a robust customer support system. This could take the form of telephone hotlines, an email address, chatbots, or even, in some cases, social media support platforms where players can ask questions and seek advice from casino staff.

The thrill of the experience

Last but certainly not least, another cause of the rise of online gambling in Australia is, no doubt, the prospect of a potential win. While gamblers understand that the point of playing is to have fun, rather than to win, the prospect of a potential payout is still exciting.