Reasons to invest in a house and land package

Houses in a line

When buying your first property, it would be best to select the house and land package. Still, it is a prudent purchase for entities investing in the real estate industry. The deal entails buying land and a yet to be built house. You will find the necessary infrastructure and amenities, but the developer will have the place on paper. So, you will choose a suitable location and the kind of house you would want.

Searching for house and land packages in Wyndham Vale, Victoria, is not challenging. You can use online databases or a real estate company to get a suitable location to buy. Below are some reasons to invest in the house and land package;

Saves money

You will need to pay stamp duty on the land and house if you purchase them separately. However, the package will ensure you pay a single fee. Since the building is not yet there, you will only pay for the land duties. It will save you money on the stamp duty, which you can use for other things.

On the other hand, you do not incur any repair and maintenance costs with this option. Unlike buying an established property, the house you get will be new and requires no renovations. You can be sure that every home feature works well since you will be the first occupant of the property.

High demand for renting

A person looking to rent a house will probably look for a new property. You can consider renting the home after completion to help you pay the mortgage. The land and house package will ensure you get premium clients and returns on your investments. They will be in higher demand than offering a previously occupied house.

Are customisable

You can get a customized property with the package, unlike already constructed houses. You can consider the features you want for your house, and the developer will incorporate your preference in the design. If you plan to have your dream home, the land and house package offers you the flexibility to personalize the property as you wish.

The developer will have several home designs, and you can choose a suitable option depending on your needs. They will customize the property to your liking.

You get a warranty

A new building will usually have a warranty from the developer. You will not incur any costs when you have faulty systems and features. The contract will cover any repairs depending on its details. If it is an existing house, you will bear the costs.

It is a valuable investment

Undeveloped land will increase in value as more developments happen. So, a land and house package is a valuable investment as the area will grow in the future. The property value will significantly increase as the place develops. You will get a better deal if you buy early. However, it is vital to consider the plan for infrastructure before purchasing.


It is advisable to undertake comprehensive research about a place before buying. The initiative will ensure you make the best investment depending on your needs.