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Real Indian cuisine in Australia

Have you tried Indian cuisine in one of the restaurants in Australia before? No having a chicken curry at your nearest curry house does not count! Have you truly had the authentic Indian cuisine experience? If not, then you are really missing out. 

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Whilst there is no denying the fact that regional curries make up part of the real food served in India, the surprising thing to learn for most people is the fact that they only make up a small part of genuine Indian food. Aside from this there is an array of other beautiful textures and flavours. It is not all about thick sauces and hot spices. 

The best Indian restaurants in Australia realise this, and it’s certainly worth visiting one of these if you’re looking for Aussie holiday ideas. The best restaurants serve food that is found on the streets and in the homes of India. And they also employ regional chefs to ensure every dish is cooked to perfection and via the method it should be.

When you think about it logically it is of little surprise that there are so many different flavours and dishes found within Indian food. All you need to do is consider the fact that Western Europe compromises of 2.5 million sq km whereas India is 3.3 million sq km. Think about all the types of cuisines found within Western Europe; British, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Danish – to name but a mere few. Well, India is made up of an array of different regions and these all translate to different cuisines too. Thus, you get an idea for the sheer wealth of food on offer.

In addition to this, the Indian beliefs about food also showcase why their food would incorporate diverse flavours. They believe in a healthy and balanced meal and for this reason you can expect proteins, carbohydrates, at least three types of vegetables, raita, and various condiments all on one plate – just imagine the spectrum of tastes covered here. Furthermore, the ancient Indian system Ayurveda is something Indians follow because it is said to be the key to a healthy life. The Ayurveda says that a dish should encompass six different flavours. These are as follows; salt, sweet, astringent, bitter, sour, and pungent. 

Authentic Indian restaurants offer all of these flavours. When you taste their food you will have a stunning explosion of flavour in your mouth. But only genuine restaurants, like the ones mentioned earlier, offer this. The reason why is because they use an array of spices, herbs and alike to create their dishes. They use the traditional methods. They don’t cut corners like other restaurants do. Thus, because there dishes are created from scratch they encompass all of the flavours mentioned. 

Genuine Indian cuisine is made up of an array of diverse flavours. You will fail to find another cuisine boasting as many tastes as Indian does. Yet, you only get the true taste of this if you go to the restaurants in Australia that offer authentic cuisine and cook via the traditional methods; using the spices and fresh ingredients.

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