Unmissable Ramses Exhibition at Australian Museum set to break records

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Ramses & the Gold of the Pharaohs has come to the Australian Museum in Sydney and it’s already broken records, and is on track to break more. Featuring 182 exquisite and rare artefacts from Ancient Egypt, with the most precious being the coffin of Ramses the Second (AKA Ramses the Great), which has never been displayed anywhere in the world outside of Egypt and Paris. Record breaking on it’s own for Sydney to house such a prestigious cultural exhibition, the ticket sales are also on set to impress. Over 100,000 pre-sale tickets have been sold as people flock to see this once in a lifetime showing.

With treasures spanning over 3000 years of Egyptian history, the grandeur of the Ramses Era is on full display and showcases perfectly why the Pharaoh behind famous world wonders like Abu Simbel, was able to inspire such awe. “Ramses the Great was a phenomenon, ” Director and CEO, Australian Museum, Kim McKay AO explains of the ruler who lived to over 90 years of age and ruled for 67 of those, “He was a beloved father, incomparable warrior, and prolific builder whose legacy is both political and cultural. Responsible for countless temples, pyramids and statues, the first ever Peace Treaty, and an enormous, influential family, the stories of Ramses have been retold through generations”.

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Besides the sarcophagus of Ramses ii, there are many other breathtaking pieces to behold. Alabaster amphoras with their handles intact, the priceless golden masks of Amenemope, the exquisite carved sarcophagi of Sennedjem, the extraordinary necklace of Psusennes and other jaw-dropping jewellery, as well as a plethora of mummified animals including cats, crocodiles, mongoose, and even a lion cub. The splendour is obvious in the pieces, but there are also some quieter artefacts it’s worth pondering over, such as sketches and reliefs of slaves taken after battle, that show perhaps most accurately what life was really like during this time.

Gold Bracelet of Sheshonq I with Wedjat Eye scaled

Interactive elements are also on display during this journey backwards and forwards across the ages, such as the Battle of Kadesh room, 180 degree video and an immersive virtual reality experience (not just for kids!).

If seeing it isn’t enough, the Australian Museum is also hosting public programs and lecture series’ while the exhibition remains covering all things Egypt. Tomb Talks and The Nile High Club are two standouts that will b paired with canapés and drinks.

Ramses & the Gold of the Pharaohs is one unmissable exhibition!

Where: The Australian Museum, Sydny
Dates: 18 November 2023 until 19 May 2024
Tickets: Adult from $43, Concession from $32, Child from $29. Book now: through Ticketmaster
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