Queensland beach

Queensland’s most spectacular beaches

In a state with an area of 1,852,642 km², travellers will find themselves in tropical utopia when in Queensland.

The state is home to the most spectacular areas of natural beauty, with over 25,000km of incredible coastline to enjoy and more than 10,000 breathtaking beaches to explore. Since the number of stunning beaches can be overwhelming, we have narrowed down the list of the most amazing beaches in the state.

Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island

Nudey Beach is situated on the South-West shores of Fitzroy Island ? a 339-hectare paradise island just a 45-minute Fast Cat ride away from the Cairns Marina in Tropical Queensland. Located within the calm sheltered waters of the Great Barrier Reef which is home to many beaches, Fitzroy Island  is surrounded by a wide array of flora and fauna, and is covered in dense tropical rainforest, of which 95% is listed as a protected National Park.

Before rewarding yourself with this enchanted part of the island, you may fancy yourself with a 45-minute stroll through the tropical rainforest vegetation from Welcome Bay where you’ill be surrounded by dense tropical rainforest and coastal woodlands. With its clean, gorgeous stretch of pristine white sand and crystal-blue, calm waters, it is no surprise that Nudey Beach was crowned as Australia’s Best Beach for 2018.

Nudey beach is ideal for those who chase beaches for a time of reflection and relaxation. Whether it’s laying out a towel and feeling up some of the year-round warm tropical weather or swimming and snorkelling amongst the vibrant marine life of the island to spot numerous species of coral, tropical fish and Fitzroy Island’s famous sea turtles, Nudey Beach is just the right beach for you!

The beach is also a haven for fun and exciting activities for an adventurous traveller as well as boating enthusiasts. Whatever your heart’s desire, Nudey Beach is the epitome of perfection as it will give you a magical experience ? a taste of the beauty Tropical Queensland has to offer. So you might just stay longer than initially planned.

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Forget about Surfers Paradise, dear beach bummers! If you’re visiting the Gold Coast for summer and yearning for an incredible alternative to other busier beaches in the area, Burleigh Heads is perfect for you.

Burleigh Heads beach (or simply ‘Burleigh’ to locals) is situated along the Gold Coast Highway. It’s one of the Gold Coast’s favourite quick escapes down the highway from Brisbane by local, interstate and international travellers alike. Known for its basalt boulders located at the southern part of the beach, and iconic barrelling surf, Burleigh Heads is simply stunning.

Burleigh Heads beach is perfect for travellers who love breathtaking adventures such as swimming, surfing, as well as bodyboarding. There are also a lot of activities to fill out a day such as watching the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean at Burleigh Head National Park, head to Commune for breakfast and discover trendy markets, other top-notch food options, amazing walking tracks and fantastic picnic spots.

Noosa Main Beach, Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast

Noosa Main Beach is the only north-facing beach on the east coast and the only beach in Australia that maintains professional lifeguards 365 days a year. This is the beach perfect for families as well as for swimming, stand up paddle boarding, bodyboarding, and surfing.

The beach is situated in front of Noosa Heads’ famous Hastings Street village, where you can find exceptional restaurants, cafes, impressive markets and high-end boutique shops appealing for both locals and tourists. It is also recommended for visitors to Noosa to start their morning by exploring the beauty of the Noosa National Park by taking a stroll from Hastings Street to Hell’s Gates and back. The morning walk is surely the best way to start your day as you’ll have the chance to discover the impeccable, smaller beaches, perfectly framed by National Park vegetation. You may also be lucky to spot koalas up in the trees above, which are undeniably one of Australia’s most famous and cutest animals.

Noosa River is another must-do activity as it provides amazing river and canal cruises that will offer you with some fascinating Noosa Heads view. Book a river cruise trip just before sunset, and you’ll witness one of the most unforgettable bright orange sunsets in the world!

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday Island is a picture-perfect beach which happens to be one of 74 islands that comprise what is called the ‘Whitsundays’. Whitehaven Beach is situated in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and it’s another pristine beach which has been considered as one of the most photographed beaches in the country.

This award-winning beach should be on everyone’s bucket list as everything you want in a beach destination can be found on and around Whitehaven Beach —  its crystal-clear, turquoise water and wide bed of white quartz sand, which is totally unique to Whitehaven Beach and cannot be found anywhere else in the Whitsundays.

If you consider going to Whitehaven Beach, you may find many enjoyable means to reach it either by sailboat, yacht or ferry or even via the air. Other activities that you may want to do while around the area include snorkelling the reef off the beach and hiking to Tongue Point Lookout. It is advisable that you book a local tour operator in order for you to enjoy the magnificent beauty of Hill Inlet’s swirling white sand and aqua waters.

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