Print your fave Insta pics with the new Instax

Instax 1

Okay, so there are some things on Instagram you’d rather forget. Last night’s drunken, ten-part story of you screaming Mr. Brightside in to a karaoke mic at 3am.

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The old selfies of you and your ex. And the late-night DM slide by your friend’s cousin’s random workmate who you’ve only met once, like five years ago.

But there are other memories you want to hang on to: birthdays, engagements, particularly cute cat photos. That’s where the new Fuji Instax comes in!

It’s a cute little photo printer that you don’t even need to plug in to your phone to use: Simply connect over wifi, download the printer app, and start choosing which of your Instagram images you want to have in hard-copy form to keep forever. Whether it’s sharing these printed memories with your friends, family, or your loyal ig followers, the Instax-compatible film comes in packets of ten, so depending on how many photos you’d like to print out, you may want to grab a couple of handfuls.

Once you’ve charged the printer and inserted the film, the app makes it super simple to select images, resize them, and even edit the shape of the image. Once the photo is printed, leave it on a flat surface for a few minutes and watch as your image develops!

Then you can use the photos however you’d like: decorate your walls, give them to someone as a gift, or even send them to that ex of yours to show them what they’re missing.

While it’s true that not everything we post to Instagram needs to be preserved for the ages, there are some images we really want to hang on to, and while it’s lovely to have them in your feed it’s even nicer to place them somewhere you’ll see every day.

Having hard copies of your treasured images is a real treat: and if the robot apocalypse ever happens, or you just lose your phone during a 3am karaoke blitz, you’ll have your Instax printer to thank for keeping your memories safe and sound.

Instax 2