Pride Month: unveiling a new chapter, Pride Action North

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In alignment with the closing of Pride Month, we are excited to announce a major rebranding of Northumberland Pride, a leading LGBTQIA+ charity. To better reflect our expanded services and broader geographical reach, we are now Pride Action North.

Founded in 2017, Northumberland Pride started as a volunteer-driven initiative to organize an annual celebration for the local community. Since then, it has grown exponentially, now employing eight dedicated staff members to cater to the increased demand for specialized support and advocacy.

Our services extend to various critical areas such as youth work, domestic violence, hate crime, and mental health and wellbeing. The transformation to Pride Action North is not just a name change, but a comprehensive brand makeover that includes a new mission statement, values, and soon, a revamped website.

Darren Irvine-Duffy, the charity’s chair, shared, “From our humble beginnings as a local pride event organizer, we’ve evolved into an organization that provides holistic support and meaningful services. Our aim is to ensure every member of our growing community feels accepted and safe.”

The rebranding represents a significant milestone in our history. Under the banner of Pride Action North, we are enthusiastic about expanding our presence and support throughout the North. As our name suggests, we are committed to action, striving to make the region a safer, more inclusive, and accepting place for everyone, particularly members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our rebranding process involved extensive engagement with service users, stakeholders, and staff through focus groups. The outcome is a reflection of their valuable insights and what our organization means to them.

Angela Brudenell, our newly appointed Charity Manager, remarked, “Pride Action North is dedicated to eliminating discrimination in all its forms and delivering equitable services that meet the needs of everyone within our communities. We’ve strengthened our team and facilities to accommodate an increase in referrals to our services.”

The services we provide include one-to-one support, counseling, youth and adult group sessions, mental health and wellbeing support, domestic and sexual violence and abuse support, hate crime support, and outreach to schools. We also run several training and development programs focusing on inclusivity, advocacy, awareness-raising, and collaboration.

Our new identity as Pride Action North opens more doors for us to provide additional services. This is indeed an exciting time for our charity, our partner organizations, and all our members.

Stay tuned for the launch of our new website, which will provide more details about our organization and services. Visit to learn more.

Join us in this new chapter. Together, let’s take action for a more inclusive tomorrow!

[Photos: The Pride Action North team unveils the charity’s new brand.]