Popular methods of payouts today’s casinos

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Traditional casinos keep things simple. You can simply go there, pay to get some chips to play with, and that’s pretty much it. Though it’s convenient for older generations of gamblers, new players prefer a more versatile payment model – and they find it at online casinos.

These websites are more inclusive. They target a global audience, which means there has to be something for everyone. For instance, the best Australian gambling platforms usually feature 5+ payment options for all sorts of users. You can read more at aussielowdepositcasino.com to learn about their offers as well as other details (bonuses, RTP percentages, overall reviews, etc.). However, we are interested in one detail in particular – popular payout methods.

Modern Payout Solutions

We can divide payout methods into a couple of fairly different groups. Traditional models such as cash or credit cards dominate the land-based casino market. On the other hand, there are other solutions that are much more common on the Internet:


Electronic wallets are extremely efficient. You probably used PayPal or Skrill at least once in your lifetime, so you know what we are talking about. Such payment tools are almost 100% safe and they process transactions almost instantly. This is the basic precondition for operating online pokies with same-day payouts because players expect to quickly cash out their winnings. That’s what makes the integration of e-wallets with online casinos so important for the overall gambling industry.


Though it sometimes sounds like a bit too much, cryptocurrency payments indeed revolutionised the online casino landscape. For one, this has to do with the element of decentralisation – not a single authority controls the crypto market, which means there is no such a high level of control we’re all used to when it comes to other transfer methods.

Secondly, cryptocurrencies guarantee a higher level of anonymity for their users. You are the owner, but you don’t need to share too much personal information (if any is required) with the gambling platform.

What’s more, this system is very safe because the blockchain-powered ledger is immutable. It means no one can manipulate financial transactions and/or influence them in the process. As you might imagine, this is perfect for gamblers or betting enthusiasts who want to feel secure while playing on the Internet.

Important Payout Trends

This is a broad topic, but we can touch on it at least briefly in this one section. Crypto and e-wallet payments are just a couple of options, whilst other solutions include:

Mobile payments

Localized payments via POS terminals

Innovative loyalty programs with special gifts

Instant withdrawals with zero waiting time

The Bottom Line: Get Your Money as Fast as Possible

Why would you wait for your money if you could withdraw it almost immediately? Casino providers know that many gamblers pose this same question, so they start offering lots of versatile payout solutions. Which one is your go-to option? Share your cashout habits with us in the comments.

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