Planning the Perfect Cycling Daytrip for the Easter Holidays

Man riding bike with backpack

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, now is the ideal time to start planning a delightful cycling daytrip. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced cyclist, there are fantastic bike excursions for everyone in the UK. Swytch, the UK’s foremost e-bike conversion company, has outlined five of the best routes suitable for all ages and abilities, along with some key tips for any cyclist to remember.

Cycling has become more accessible than ever, but there are still some essential pointers to consider when preparing for a trip:

First and foremost, ensure you pack the right equipment for your journey – even if the forecast predicts dry weather, it’s wise to bring along a compact rain cape. And speaking of equipment, always carry a map!

Be sure to bring plenty of snacks, as running out of energy on a long bike ride is the last thing anyone wants, and having snacks on hand can be a great source of motivation too!

Go at your own pace – if your riding companions are going too swiftly, don’t feel pressured to keep up. Ride at your own speed, and you’ll be able to cover much more ground while relishing the scenery for longer.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle any route at your own comfort level. So, here are five of the UK’s finest bike trails suitable for cyclists of any ability. Happy riding!

  1. Dalby Forest, Yorkshire

Whether you’re a beginner, a regular cyclist, or an avid MTB enthusiast, Dalby Forest offers breathtaking natural scenery on its numerous trails. Ideal for beginners and younger children, the Ellerburn Trail spans less than two miles, providing wonderful scenery and a flat terrain to keep kids happy!

  1. Epping Forest, Essex

Situated in the Lee Valley, Epping Forest is a fantastic outdoor experience for families in London. With an array of stunning trails featuring cafés and historical landmarks, the mostly flat trails range from three to sixteen miles in length. Plus, with numerous connecting paths in the Forest, all the routes can be adjusted to suit your ability.

  1. Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

The Forest of Dean has long been a beloved destination for UK cyclists, offering a slice of nature with a few good hills, yet remaining family-friendly with the Colliers trail tailored for kids. This fully waymarked route can be five or nine miles long, passing through picturesque picnic areas and following the old trainline.

  1. Formartin and Buchan Way, Aberdeenshire

Traversing a former railway line, this path winds through the scenic northeast countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of road traffic. Covering a total length of 40 miles, you can adjust the route to take in the stunning beaches and other scenic spots along the way.

  1. King Alfred’s Way, Historic Wessex

Seeking more of a challenge? For cycling enthusiasts, King Alfred’s Way offers an exceptional week-long cycling experience. While the 350km route around historic Wessex might be too much for most, cycling a section of this ancient route makes for a perfect day out. Immerse yourself in 10,000 years of history, visiting sites such as Stone Henge, Farnham Castle, and Winchester Cathedral, the burial site of King Alfred himself.

While differing levels of fitness may pose a barrier for some groups when it comes to cycling, Swytch has developed a solution to keep you moving forward. The Swytch Kit can be fitted to any conventional bike, including kids’ bikes, and can be switched on or off at any time. E-bikes are just as exhilarating as traditional bikes, allowing you to keep up with even the fittest cyclists. Plus, while being less strenuous on the body, e-biking helps you burn 70% of the calories compared to traditional cycling, as per an AMCA study. The Swytch kit significantly reduces the cost of quality e-bikes, with prices starting from £549, making it possible for anyone to ride electric for as little as 0.4 pence per mile by retrofitting their existing bike.

So, gear up for a fantastic cycling adventure this Easter, and enjoy the beauty of the British countryside from the saddle of your bike!