Photo calendars in 2021. Who do I go to?

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Get ready to kick 2021 off with a custom calendar

Over the past few years, photo calendars have been a great way to transform the look of our office and home walls. Wall calendars were once the preserve of adorable kitten photos, humorous cartoons, and motivational messages. Is it really necessary to decorate your walls with a picture of Niagara Falls, or even 12 Friends characters for the whole year?

You can be greeted with handpicked photos of your loved ones whenever you need to check the time of dentist appointment or date of the next football game. Photo calendars are a great gift because they are stylish, practical, and emotionally filled at the same time.

Which online calendar printing service should you use for your needs in the 2021 calendar, and why? Here’s our top chart of the best services that will totally suit your needs, budget, and deadlines.

Continue reading to find out which companies make the best photo calendars.

The top photo calendars manufacturers in Australia for 2021

1. Eureka Printing

Eureka Printing makes it easy to create stunning photo calendars.

Reasons to use

  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to use website

Reasons not to use

  • May take longer to deliver orders due to workload (but it usually doesn’t)

We doubt you will be disappointed if Eureka Printings is your choice. You can choose between 25 different formats and sizes and customise the design of any of them for free of charge. Their manager is always ready to jump in and help you solve issues or answer your question in case you have any. What makes this company even more special is how they care about the environment: production requires no water usage, all machines run on green energy and paper wastes are being completely recycled. Moreover, you may order your product to be made from recycled paper to help the environment yourself.

Fully in-house production lets Eureka Printing to control prices and make them as sweet as possible for the client. Delivery to any door in Australia to top it off. Do you still have doubts?

2. Artifact Uprising

Make it differ

Reasons to use

  • Stunning, modern designs
  • Quality guarantee

Reasons not to use

  • Fewer templates in comparison to the majority

We strongly recommend to check out what Artifact Uprising’s has to offer if you want your wall calendar to look like an art piece to be admired or if you want to impress the person receiving a photo calendar gift.

A simple, minimalistic wall calendar is also an option that you can order. A basic but elegant-looking design that will suit most homes is what modern trends are leaning to.

Artifact Uprising is unique because it offers fewer options than the rest, but those options do stand out. These are the brass easel calendars, walnut desk calendars and rustic wood calendars. These photo calendars are truly stunning and you will be happy to gift them to a friend or loved one.

This online service is not cheap, and we wouldn’t lie to you about that. However, the quality of the service is exceptional. The company offers a quality guarantee.

3. Picaboo

A photo calendar software that is a joy to use

Reasons to use

  • Easy to use software
  • Lots and lots of inspiration for themes
  • Fully editable

Reasons not to use

  • Photos don’t always come out well

Picaboo’s photo calendars have a lot of things to love about them. Their web-based editing software makes it easy to create and fine-tune your products. It’s simple to use and may even be fun.

Picaboo encourages you to get creative with your calendars, rather than sticking to the plain 12-month format. This is one of our favorite things about Picaboo. Consider the baby’s first year, the family year in review, milestone birthdays and other anniversaries.

The designs can be customized to suit your needs. However, we do have one complaint about the quality. Sometimes, the final products’ images aren’t as clear or as colorful as the ones in your gallery.

4. Snapfish

Photo calendars for less than $10

Reasons to use

  • More sizes available than Eureka Printing
  • Well priced

Reasons not to use

  • Not much freedom on design

Snapfish’s price is the biggest plus. The price range starts from less than $10 for desk calendars, while wall calendars start from $19.99. This makes it a more affordable option than other options. This may be due to the lack of customization, but that’s the only difference from the others. High-quality paper stock is used with traditional spiral binding. You can also specify which days of the year you want to be marked up with reminders, just like Eureka Printing

5. Shutterfly

Quality at a low price

Reasons to use

  • Great value
  • Images quality is always on the level

Reasons not to use

  • Not the easiest to edit/use
  • Less space to choose borders, colors, and so forth

Shutterfly is last but not least on our list. There are tons of other photo calendar services, so Shutterfly is well worth a glance. This is especially true when you take the price into consideration. Prices start at less than $20 for this photo calendar provider.

These templates are very striking and feature some of the most popular fonts and color combinations. More than 60 templates are available to help you get started. You have many options with spiraled wall or desk calendars as well as easel styles for something more affordable.

You can then cut, chop, and customize as you please. However, you are limited in your ability to control borders and colors. It feels like you have less control in customization than you do with Eureka Printing.

FAQ about the photo calendar

What is a photo calendar?

A photo calendar, which is exactly what it sounds like, is a 12-month-long calendar in which you can insert your photos and other images. The service’s website offers an easy-to-use software or a step-by-step guide that lets you order your perfect calendar: upload photos and arrange them however you like, page after page. Then it’s being printed and sent to the destination point.

It makes a great gift, especially for the heartwarming holidays like Christmas or Birthdays.

Which is the best site for photo calendars?

Eureka Printing is currently our #1 favorite photo calendar website. There are many other sites out there, but Eureka Printing has the best set of options to choose from. The quality of the final photo calendar is outstanding and it is still very affordable.

What time does it take to make a photo calendar?

It all depends on your level of perfection and how customized you want your photo calendar to be. If you are able to follow the instructions and know roughly what photos you want, you can create a photo calendar in minutes.

The best services allow you to customize everything, including the number of images per page, their location, labels for special days and even the order they are placed. If you want to create something truly special, it is important not to hurry and just take your time.

How long does it take for photo calendars to be sent?

While this may vary from one service to another, once you are happy with your design, hit ‘Order’ to get your photo calendar. It will arrive within 3-7 business days.

Some services are quicker than others, as we often say. You can also pay an additional fee to have your photo calendar printed and delivered faster.