Pet wellness month: 7 tips from a pet expert on how to Keep your Pooch Pal Fit and Healthy

Dog pug

October is Pet Wellness Month which makes it a ‘pawsome’ time for those who have a pooch in their life to make sure their furry sidekick’s health is in tip top shape.

A happy dog is every pet owner’s highest dream and so TrustedHousesitters, the world’s leading pet and house sitting community has joined forces with Vet Psychiatrist Dr Jacqui Ley to put together a check list for dog lovers to make sure every Aussie pup is safe and sound.

Whether you’re a pet owner or a pet sitter, these 7 up-to-date tips from animal loving experts will help you cross check that you are taking the necessary steps to make sure your pooch pal is loving life.

1.      Give your pup the work out that suits his fitness levels

Physical exercise that stretches muscles and allows dogs to explore and play is necessary but the way you do this for your dog is important. Sedate walks on lead, runs at an off-leash park, beach runs, swimming or training are all fine, as is playing at home. Do what your dog enjoys and follow local by-laws so everyone has a good time!

2.      Fuel your pooch with energising nutrition

Make sure to provide healthy food that meets your dog’s nutritional needs. In prepared, store-bought foods, make sure to look for complete and balanced ingredients and clear instructions on the packaging – this means the food is suitable for meeting the needs of the type of animal have in your care.

3.      Check your pups diet needs before treating him to dinner

Sometimes a homemade meal is just what your furry friend craves but if you wish to cook for your dog, discuss the needs of your pet with your vet or a vet nutritionist. A recipe from the internet may not provide all the nutrients for you dog at their life stage or if they have any health problem. After checking your dog’s dietary requirements, your good to let your inner chef loose in the kitchen!

4.      Make sure your pup is hydrated

No one likes being thirsty, but pups don’t have the option to fill up a glass of water from the tap! Water must always be provided to any pet and it’s our responsibility to provide enough, clean water for our fur loves.

5.        Boost your pooch’s brainpower

Toys and activities that encourage normal seek-and-find behaviour, like food-dispensing toys, gives dogs more than one health benefit. Dogs are active and curious in nature and they stay mentally active when they work out how to get their food. Food dispensing toys help encourage their normal behaviour and it’s always more fun to find your own food!

6.        Keep your dog’s dental health in check with fun toys

No one likes to go to the dentist – let alone your dog – and this is where chewing toys come into the picture! Some toys are designed for chasing, wrestling, fetching and chewing, such as bones. These are great to help entertain dogs but are also essential to help manage your dog’s dental health. A plaque filled, infected mouth is bad for your dog’s health and nasty for both you and your dog to be around.

7.         Give your fur love space

Respect your pup’s need to rest and leave them him when he needs space. Provide a clear resting place for your dog and when he uses it, respect that he is resting and may not want to be disturbed. Make sure to remind children and visitors to leave him alone too!

This post was provided by TrustedHouseSitters.