Not drinking anymore? Here’s some low alco wine news

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The Mid-Low-No Alcohol Wine Awards (MLNA) hosted by Wine Pilot, have announced their 2023 winners across the mid-low-no alcohol categories. This event was held at The Winery, Sydney, and saw over 140 submissions from winemakers across the award’s three categories including zero alcohol, low alcohol, and mid-alcohol.

The MLNA awards consist of a two-part judging process. The first part is a formal wine judging which features a panel of highly credentialed judges, including winemaking consultant and MLNA 2023 Chairman Mike DeGaris, Shanteh Wale from the Halliday Wine Companion Tasting Team, Matt Dunne former leading sommelier and Group Wine Ambassador from Joval Wine Group, Owner of One Penny Restaurant and Co-Creator at Lyre’s Spirit Co. David Murphy, and Wine Pilot Founder and Publisher Angus Hughson. The second element of the judging process saw the addition of a ‘consumer choice’ event, with invited guests and noise makers in the industry casting their vote on their favorite of the top three wines from each category.

This year’s awards show saw a significant increase in submissions, reflecting the growing demand for mid-low-no alcohol wines both locally and internationally. Trophies were awarded to the best wines in each category, alongside Wine of Show trophies from both the formal judging and the new ‘consumer choice’ event. Winning trophies in several categories was Tread Softly, a brand of Fourth Wave Wine.

The Overall Judges’ Wine of Show was awarded to Not Guilty Rosé NV from Australian Vintage Limited, while the Overall Consumer Choice Wine of Show was awarded to Tread Softly Rosé 2022. The awards celebrate a pivotal moment in the industry, not only honouring and promoting high-quality alternatives for those seeking flavourful wines with lighter or no alcohol content but also supporting the growth and popularity of this category.

The success of the awards show is a testament to the industry’s continuous innovation. It demonstrates the incredible strides made in this segment, with a focus on quality and innovation amongst the top production styles. The wine industry’s growing demand for mid-low-no alcohol wines has led to notable advancements. These awards serve as a platform to celebrate the achievements of the industry and pave the way for further advancements.

In conclusion, the MLNA Awards is a fantastic way to celebrate the growth and development of the mid-low-no alcohol wine categories. The winners have shown significant innovation and creativity in producing high-quality wines that cater to a growing demand for lighter or no-alcohol options. As the wine industry continues to expand and evolve, we can expect to see more exciting developments in this category in the future.