New Zealand’s month-long food festival is coming to Wellington

Wellington plate food

New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, is about to say hello again to its favourite food festival, Wellington on a Plate.

For the first time, they’re taking it out to a new and improved format and extending it to the whole month of August. Think 31 days, 5 weekends and loads of foodie goodness.

Bars, bistros, food trucks and fine dining will pump out hundreds of dishes through heaps of foodie events alongside creative menus, burgers, cocktails and food pop-ups for die-hard bingers.

It even comes complete with over 20 top international and local chefs from all over the world to the shores of Wellington to cook right here in the culinary capital. These names are synonymous with exciting and innovative cuisine, often only available in far-off places, and will be sure to excite both foodies and newbies alike.

See more at the Wellington on a Plate website.