New cocktails in a can range will tempt your tastebuds

cantails cocktails

Drinking the beverages you love is becoming easier and easier. Love a voddy soda? Those come in cans. Love a G&T? Those come in cans. And perhaps the best news of all, your favourite cocktails now come in cans thanks to Cantails.

Boasting 3 delicious flavours (they clearly did their research here about what the people want), Cantails have dropped Espresso Martini, Spicy Marg and Appletini cocktails in a can. At a tidy 150ml and 2 standard drinks per can, you can be assured these aren’t just drinks flavoured to be cocktails, but actual cocktails in can form created by mixologists.

We’d be remiss to not talk about the packaging too, which is too cute for words with it’s metallic ombre finish. Keep them on your bar cart at home, stock your fridge Kardashian style, or create envy in everyone at a party who doesn’t have one.

Bring the high end cocktails home without the trouble of mixing them yourself. Available now from BWS and Dan Murphy’s in packs of four.