Need dental treatment of TMJ? Choose a dentist in Preston

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The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a hinge that will connect your jaw with the temporal bone of your jaw. These bones are situated in front of your every ear and it gives your jaw the flexibility to move up and down, side to side so you can perform daily tasks such as chewing, biting, yawning and just life in general.

If you feel pain in your jaw joint in the muscle that controls the movement then you are suffering from TMJ. It is difficult to determine the cause of this disorder but it is related to the problems in muscles of your jaw or the joints. 

You may feel pain due to a combination of various factors such as genetics, arthritis, or heavy blow and whiplash injury to your jaw. You can suffer from TMJ due to bruxism and that is why you should visit dentist Preston as your dentist will help you stop clenching and grinding your teeth with special dental appliances. 

How TMJ is diagnosed by a dentist

TMJ is a very serious dental issue and you need not address it as soon as possible. Visiting a dentist in Preston as soon as possible should be your priority as your dentist will help you prevent further damage to your jaw and save you from throbbing pain in the jaw. 

Your dentist Preston will ask for you the symptoms and types of discomfort you are feeling and will examine your jaw. With the help of the following methods, dentist Preston will diagnose whether you have TMJ or not: 

  • Listen and feel your jaw movement 
  • Evaluate the range of your jaw
  • Press on the paining sites to identify the discomfort 
  • Use x-ray to examine your jaw thoroughly 
  • CT scan to get detailed images of the bones and joints 
  • MRI to reveal problems present in the joint’s disk or adjacent soft tissues 

Signs and symptoms of TMJ disorder? 

TMJ disorder causes a clicking sound when you open or closes your jaw and you may feel a grating sensation during chewing. 

If you feel below-mentioned signs, then visit a dentist as soon as possible: 

  • Aching or soreness in your jaw
  • The ache in one or both of the temporomandibular joints 
  • Throbbing pain near your ear 
  • Discomfort while chewing 
  • Stinging facial pain 
  • Locking sensation that makes it difficult for you to open or close your mouth 

If you feel no pain or limitation while moving your jaw for daily tasks then you need not seek a dentist Preston for treating your TMJ disorder.

What is the treatment option for TMJ disorder? 

If you feel tenacious pain or soreness in your jaw then it is time for you to seek dentist Preston on priority. Your dentist Preston will help you find the cause of the disorder and discuss treatment options for your problems. 

If your symptoms persist, your dentist Preston may recommend you below mentioned treatment options: 

Anti-inflammatories or pain killers 

If your throbbing pain is still causing you problems even after using over-the-counter pain medications then your dentist will recommend you with high powered pain relievers, although for a limited time only. 


Tricyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline are used in low doses to utilize them as pain relievers, bruxism control, and for insomnia. 

Joint relaxants 

You will feel uncontrollable pain in TMJ when you open or close your mouth for daily tasks. These relaxants will help you relieve this pain and discomfort created by muscle spasms. 

If you don’t want to take medications then you can opt for therapies such as: 

Occlusal appliances 

If you want to lessen the pain caused by TMJ disorder then you can opt to go with mouth guards according to this dentist in Charlotte. They are soft and firm dental appliances inserted over your teeth. They can stop the damages done by bruxism. 


Counselling will help you know the reasons, factors, and behaviours that can aggravate your TMJ disorder and cause you excruciating pain. With education and counselling, you can identify these habits and avoid doing them. These therapies will give you an idea about how clenching and grinding your teeth, leaning on your chin, and biting fingernails aggravate your TMJ condition. 

If still you cannot get rid of the pain and discomfort regarding TMJ then you can opt for various dental surgeries done by expert dentist Preston. 

TMJ disorder is a very serious dental complication and can take your ability to live a normal life away from you. If you feel such discomfort and signs then visit your nearby dentist Preston and ask for the treatment options.