Must-have tools for every household

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A house is a place where occasional repairs and maintenance are inevitable. While complex tasks may require professional intervention, every homeowner should be equipped with a basic set of tools to handle essential home maintenance tasks. Whether you live in a countryside farmhouse or an urban apartment, having these essential tools on hand can make your life easier and save you money on professional services.

Essential Hand Tools

In a household, typical repair situations often arise, such as clearing a clogged sink, hanging a shelf, or tightening a loosened screw. The basic kit, consisting of nine essential items, equips homeowners to tackle these everyday tasks and various other household repairs effectively.


The first item you should invest in is a sturdy toolbox. Having all your tools neatly organised in one place will make them easier to access and motivate you to put them to work. De-Walt,

Craftsman, or a Milwaukee tool box are excellent choices.


An ordinary hammer is a versatile tool that always comes in handy for various tasks such as hammering nails, adjusting metal items, and more. It’s a universal tool that should be present in every household toolkit.

Screwdriver Set

Invest in a standard screwdriver set that includes various types of tips and common sizes. A screwdriver set is essential for assembling furniture, fixing brackets, installing electrical wiring, and repairing household appliances.

Tape Measure (Roulette)

A tape measure is invaluable for any homeowner, especially when designing a new house. It allows you to precisely measure spaces, furniture dimensions, and more. The adage “measure twice, cut once” holds true here.


Insufficient lighting can be a challenge in various areas of a house, leading to problems in identifying issues. A decent flashlight will help you navigate through dark corners and troubleshoot problems effectively.

Adjustable Wrench

Also known as a crescent wrench, an adjustable wrench is crucial for fixing minor plumbing issues. It fits all types of nuts and bolts, making it a versatile tool for various tasks around the house.


Pliers are essential for cutting, grinding, or bending wires. From replacing a showerhead to fixing power-cord plugs, pliers are handy for a wide range of projects.

Utility Knife

A utility knife is indispensable for cutting materials and items that might be too challenging for scissors. It’s convenient and practical for multiple purposes.

Insulating Tape

Known as duct tape, insulating tape is a practical item that can temporarily fix minor house damage. It’s a quick solution to many household problems.

Must-Have Power Tools for Home Use

Having a set of power tools expands your capabilities and makes many tasks easier and faster.

Power Drill

The drill is the most common power tool found in homes. Whether you need to hang a shelf, a mirror, or a picture, a drill is essential for these standard tasks. Opt for a drill with an impact mechanism, as it works better on brick and concrete blocks compared to conventional drilling. The added shock function allows you to skip buying a separate hammer drill.

With the right heads, the drill becomes a universal tool capable of performing various tasks, such as:

Drilling mounting holes for furniture assembly.

Preparing recesses for screwing shelves, wall cabinets, and other hanging elements.

Polishing or cleaning surfaces using a special grinding instrument.

Combine ingredients with a mixing attachment.


When a regular drill doesn’t suffice, the perforator comes to the rescue. This indispensable tool is used for specific tasks like:

Laying utility networks.

Drilling large-diameter holes, e.g., for installing sockets.

Chasing brick or concrete walls for electrical wiring.

Electric Screwdriver

A compact power screwdriver is perfect for tightening and unscrewing fasteners, even in hard-to-reach places. Its versatility makes it handy for various projects, such as:

Assembling furniture.

Fixing brackets for fastening decorative elements.

Installing electrical wiring.

Repairing household appliances.

It’s essential to choose the right bits for different types of work to achieve the best results.

Angle Grinder

The angle grinder is a highly versatile power tool with numerous uses around the house. It can cut, grind, and make strobes with ease. The scope of the angle grinder includes tasks like:

Cutting sheet metal, fittings, and metal profiles.

Polishing surfaces of various materials.

Cutting ceramic tiles.

Diamond or abrasive discs of different hardness can be selected depending on the processed material.

Electric Jigsaw

An electric jigsaw is a multifunctional tool that offers great flexibility in cutting various materials, including tile, drywall, and metal. It’s also handy for cutting wood panels at precise angles and following specific contours.

The cutting process becomes easier and faster with more powerful electric jigsaws.

Circular (Disc) Saw

Using a circular saw requires strict adherence to safety regulations. Although disc saws may not be as valuable for everyday household tasks, they are an excellent tool for cutting boards, plywood, chipboard, and fiberboard.

Electric Planer

The electric planer is designed for carpentry and joinery work. It serves various purposes, including:

Surface levelling.

Cleaning logs from the bark.

Chamfering edges.

Adjusting wooden structures to specific dimensions.

When choosing an electric planer, consider the power requirements. For typical household tasks, a tool with about 13,000 RPM will suffice.

Multifunctional Power Tool

Tools of this type are suitable for a wide range of household tasks. You can expand the functionality by purchasing the appropriate attachments. The tool usually comes with several nozzles and can replace half of the above power tools.

Factors to Consider When Buying Ready-Made Tool Kits

When putting together a tool kit, the convenience of an all-in-one set can be tempting. However, opting for individually chosen tools might be more cost-effective in the long run.

Nonetheless, ready-made tool kits can be a great option if you choose wisely. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when selecting the right ready-made tool kit:

Assess Your Needs

Prioritise tool kits that contain the hardware you genuinely require. Some pre-packaged sets may focus on specific tasks rather than providing a well-rounded selection for general household repairs. Look for kits that include essential tools commonly needed for home maintenance, such as reliable hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, and measuring tools.

Beware of Quality

Ready-made sets may sometimes include tools of dubious quality. When buying individual tools, you can inspect each item carefully for durability and functionality. In contrast, purchasing a pre-packaged set requires trust in the manufacturer’s choices. To avoid disappointment in critical situations, opt for reputable brands and avoid overly cheap options.

Seek Recommendations

If you are uncertain about which tool kit to choose, seek advice from friends, family, or experts in the field. Reading online reviews and gathering information from reliable sources can also

provide valuable insights. These recommendations can help you make an informed decision and ensure you invest in a set that meets your specific requirements.

Thoroughly Inspect the Tools

Before finalising your purchase, take the time to meticulously study the contents of the ready-made tool kit. Take each tool out of the box, inspect them closely, and check for sturdiness and overall quality. This hands-on approach ensures that the tools in the set are suitable for your needs and will last for the tasks at hand.

One Last Piece of Advice

Whether you opt for a pre-packaged tool kit or follow this guide to create your own, it’s important to recognise that the needs of every household may vary. Customising your toolkit allows you to fill any gaps and ensure you have all the necessary equipment to confidently take on DIY projects and address any repairs or maintenance needs that arise. Remember, a well-curated toolkit is an invaluable asset for every homeowner.