Do you want multiple orgasms? We tell you how to get them

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Sure, you’ve heard about them, but have you ever experienced multiple orgasms? You can’t miss them, but don’t leave all the work to your partner either. For this, you need to know your body well and discover what you like, what not, what turns you on, etc. And to help you, we give you some tips on achieving those long-awaited multi-orgasms, which many people dream of.

What happens when you have an orgasm?

You can have good sex, enjoy kisses with the other person, or BBW Sex Doll from BBdoll without always meaning an orgasm. Still, when you do, your body undergoes a series of changes, in addition to many incredible sensations.

Your heart rate speeds up as if you were doing cardiovascular exercise, so it helps take care of your heart.

You release oxytocin, the hormone of happiness and love, responsible for causing the typical contractions of orgasm.

It works very well as a pain reliever due to the hormones released in the process. Therefore, you can no longer apply the typical phrase “not today because my head hurts.”

For a moment, your brain pauses, managing to relax completely.

Upon completion, prolactin levels rise, lowering libido and causing sexual satiety. And all that you don’t even notice because all your concentration is on the pleasure you feel.

An orgasm is a tsunami of sensations, which does not always come easily; Now, imagine what happens with multiple orgasms: double pleasure, double work. But they are possible!

Understanding Multiple Orgasms

Orgasm happens to whoever works on it, so half the job is entirely yours. Also, when it comes to multiple orgasms, every effort will be worth it. We start with understanding what they are, even if you’re with your BBW Sex Doll.

When you have sex, you go through five stages:

Desire: these are thoughts, fantasies, emotions, and sensations that increase libido. It can be given by kisses, caresses, being naked, etc.

Arousal: It manifests itself physically and is different in men (erection and enlargement of the penis) and women (vaginal lubrication and dilation, breast enlargement). In both, the heart and respiratory rates are elevated.

Plateau: Phase in which some sensations warn that an orgasm is coming. There is muscle tension and sexual flushing due to increased blood circulation.

Orgasm: Maximum heart and respiratory rate and muscle tension are reached. Apart from the great pleasure it causes, contractions of the penis and vaginal muscles are typical. Women generally need direct stimulation, especially of the clitoris, whether manual, oral, or with positions to reach climax.

Resolution: the body begins to return to its normal levels, in addition to feeling very relaxed and tired.

Knowing this, it is easier to understand how multi-orgasms occur. Both men and women can experience them, but the female body has more facility.

This is because men, after the climax, go through a refractory period, which prevents them from having another orgasm at a specific time. However, there is the dry orgasm, where there is no ejaculation, and the erection is not lost, allowing multiple orgasms. Good concentration, sexual arousal, and training will make it possible.

Women do not go through this refractory period, and they can achieve successive orgasms if they re-stimulate themselves before sexual tension subsides.

How To Have Multiple Orgasms?

Check out these tips on how to have multiple orgasms :

Kegel Exercises

They are exercises that consist of contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. When it comes to climaxing, these exercises are essential for both men and women. The muscles contract during orgasm, so you will feel more pleasure if they are strong and exercised.

These exercises are straightforward, and you can do them in two ways. The first only requires that you move to contract and relax; this way, you identify which muscles you work or exercise. You can do it anywhere, sitting or standing, as many times as you want.

The second option is to lie on the floor, with your legs bent and shoulder-width apart. Contract your pelvic floor muscles, lift your pelvis, hold for 3-5 seconds, and lower. Repeat 10 to 15 times, 3 times a day; starts slow and then faster. You can practice with the BBW Sex Doll to become accustomed to this.

Preliminary Games

This part is essential, especially for women who need a high level of arousal to reach orgasm. Foreplay helps you prepare physically and emotionally. Everything will do, caresses and kisses, an atmosphere with candles, sexy clothes, etc.

Different Stimulation Points

Good stimulation is the key to multiple orgasms. When more than one region is stimulated, you lead your body to a more intense and pleasant orgasm. For example, the clitoris, vagina, and cervix stimulate different parts of the cerebral cortex, and each can produce an orgasm independently.

We advise you to get to know yourself and your partner. Not all people get turned on by the same thing, so find out which areas need stimulation. You can also practice with your BBW Sex Doll.


The ideal is to reach orgasm, but it should not be the only goal. Taking the pressure off of climaxing will help you relax. Let yourself be carried away by the moment, by the sensations, without worrying about anything, and you will see the results.


Remember to breathe to not deprive the brain of oxygen, making the blood go there and leaving the genitals. Apart from this, focus your thoughts on what you are feeling and put aside the problems, worries, and pending. That moment is yours and your partner’s!


Breathing is essential for multiple orgasms. Many male and female people say that breathing is one way to pleasure themselves during sex or romance. Deep breathing ensures more oxygen enters your body, making it easier for orgasm to be attained faster. Also, this will help your muscles become more relaxed for more stimulation.

Also, breathing properly can help you prevent climax too early. If you breathe properly while having sex with your partner or your BBW Sex Doll, you can enjoy deep penetration without having to worry about reaching orgasm too fast.


If you’re currently having issues with getting multiple orgasms, don’t be ashamed as you’re not alone, but it will be best to visit a doctor or a therapist. If you can’t attain more than 1 orgasm during sex or masturbation, there might be an underlining health issue causing it, and only a professional can help you through it.

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