Moving to Australia – what you should know


Relocating abroad is scary and fun and scary some more. But the pay-off is potentially the new life you’ve dreamed of. There are, however, some significant considerations to keep in mind when moving to Australia. There’s the distance, for one thing (even a quick trip to neighbouring New Zealand involves a 1,382 mile flight between Sydney and Wellington!). Let’s look at some other matters…

Australia is hot (even when the locals think it’s cold)

The temperature in Australia is one of the reasons that people from all over the world love to relocate down under. However, due to the heat, you may be tempted to keep your windows open, which could pose a security risk. Check out shutters from shutters dept for more info on shutters – wooden shutters offer a higher degree of security than a plain open window, and mean you can keep the air flowing. You’re also going to need to look into the other means of ventilation around your new property, such as high level windows to allow the heat to escape at night – perhaps think about upgrading your ventilation wherever possible before you find yourself unable to sleep at 3AM due to the heat.

Venom and poison are everywhere

First, there’s a difference between venom and poison. Venom is the stuff that’s injected under the skin via sharp teeth. Poison, on the other hand, is what sits on the skin of things like certain poisonous frogs, in wait of unsuspecting potential predators. In either case, you don’t want to go near any of these animals. The only problem is that, to these animals, in search of shelter, your home might look like a cosy place to spend the night. With 140 (ish) species of land snake and 32 species of sea snake, it can be easy to get confused between which ones are venomous (about 100 of them are venomous). That’s not to mention spiders or airborne nasties. What should you do? Stay well away from anything with eyes that isn’t a pet or family.

Invest heavily in patio furniture

Typically, when we think about different nationalities, we think of Americans as loving to BBQ, the English as loving to go for a beer down at the pub, and the French as loving to wear berets and eat baguettes. But what about Australians? Well, surfing perhaps? One thing that you may not have considered is that due to the climate, Australians invest in their back gardens and patios. The warmer temperature from the day can extend into the evening, meaning many Australians choose to sit out to enjoy the cooler air. 

You’ve got space to play with

The average home interior size in Australia is 186.3 square metres. While Australians would actually argue that home size is getting smaller, this kind of space is positively palatial compared to other average home sizes from around the world (for example, since 2010, average home sizes in the UK have fallen to just under 70 sq m).