The most profitable MyStake casino games


MyStake is one of the best crypto casinos out there right now because it has so many popular games. It is a centre for many things, such as traditional table games, virtual sports, racing games, and e-sports markets. This article will look at four of MyStake Casino’s most profitable slots. That way, you’re equipped to play the finest simulations the next time you visit the site. MyStake is the greatest online casino for real money slots, so if you’ve been searching for amazing options, we present the best here.


Chicken is right up the alley if you enjoy the classic Mines game. Though similar to Mines, it requires you to flip meal dishes to reveal either a chicken or a pile of bones. Find a chicken to move on to the next round or use your present multiplier to cash out. You lose the bet if you find bones, though. Every player can find a price that works for them at Chicken. Bets start at AU$0.20 and go up to AU$1,000 for the biggest bets. You may also claim a MyStake promo code to enjoy the game with a discount on the bankroll. Despite its simplicity, Chicken provides massive multipliers and the chance to win up to AU$10,000.

The normal Chicken game has a 5×5 grid, but this one lets you change things like the difficulty level. You can increase the challenge of finding a chicken while boosting your potential multipliers. Even though it doesn’t have the most advanced graphics or complicated games, it’s still a fun way to avoid the odds in a crypto casino. The longer you play, the greater the potential rewards and risk of losing. Not only that, but the game has an amazing RTP (Return to Player) of 99%, which shows that crypto gaming can pay off big.


Dino is an exciting crypto slot machine that takes the thrill of games like Crash or Aviator and adds a unique prehistoric twist. Here it is: As a dinosaur runs through old landscapes, the threat of an impact strike can be seen in the background. You need to guess when the asteroid will hit. There’s a great bonus waiting for you if your guess is right. But if you guess wrong, you meet a squishy fate and lose the stake. Simply, you predict a coefficient, and if your dinosaur survives long enough, the wager gets multiplied by that factor, which determines the winnings.

You can make bets by hand or instantly. The minimum bet is only AU$0.20, and the maximum bet is an amazing AU$1,000. The minimum coefficient starts at 1x, which means the dinosaur is toast from the get-go. On the other hand, the maximum boost is a staggering 10,000x, offering the potential for colossal wins. Dino delivers an exhilarating gaming experience despite its simplicity. While the visuals may evoke a nostalgic 1980s cartoon vibe, the game is fun. Plus, you can witness real-time multiplier wins from other players, adding to the excitement. Remember that Dino’s RTP (Return to Player) ranges between 95% and 95.9%, outperforming many slot games.


Discover a new side to yetis with Icefield, where these typically fearsome creatures are anything but scary. Our creature is the epitome of adorable, making it the star of the show on crypto casino sites. Your mission? Navigate the yeti through a winter wonderland, but watch out for dangerous weak points beneath the ice that could mean disaster for your cuddly friend. Playing Icefield is as easy as it gets. Like in the other exhilarating MyStake cryptocurrency casino games, place your bet and guess the maximum multiplier the creature will reach.

Suppose the creature reaches the predicted wager without falling through the ice. You’ll return the original bet and the extra one in this case. However, you will lose the wager and see the furry friend meet a terrible end if the yeti fails to survive. What sets Icefield apart is its unique cashout feature. If you sense trouble ahead and don’t think the creature will reach the chosen multiplier, you can cash out early, protecting it from a frozen fate and pocketing the wager it has got. Thanks to an impressive RTP of 99%, Icefield promises exciting returns. You can also place bets between AU$0.10 to AU$1,000 or the equivalent in the currency.


The straightforward excitement of this game of chance thrills us. Crypto casino slot machine Plinko is modelled after the well-liked Japanese game Pachinko. In the competition, you’ll observe a ball dropping from the top of your screen, bouncing off numerous pegs, and eventually landing in a hole at the base. There is a multiplier to identify each pocket. The pouches at the screen’s edges feature higher multipliers, while those at the centre offer lower ones. You can change the difficulty level, add more pegs, and do other things using the game’s customisation options.


At MyStake, you will find a wide array of table games and classic slots. However, that’s a pretty standard deal at most of the online gaming sites you visit. What sets MyStake apart is the appeal of profit and the big cash prizes its exclusive gaming options afford you. Here, we’ve presented you with cool MyStake mini-games you may never find elsewhere. Remember to take advantage of the MyStake promo code, and you may well be in for a refreshing twist on traditional casino gaming.