Mine: Mona’s new exhibition explores extraction

Mona Mine

Until 13 April next year, Mona will explore the concept of mining and its varying forms.

Super topical with conversations around the Adani Mine in Queensland circulating and the constant mining of individuals’ data for commercial use, it’s a range of work that is sure to stir-up excitement for the Hobart gallery.

From 8 June 2019, Simon Denny’s deep dig into the topic of extraction will star sculpture, a giant board game and augmented reality in a series of works that that draw inextricable links between resource and data mining. It’ll mark the largest exhibition by the New Zealand artist to date.

Exploring themes of work and automation, the exhibition takes the Australian mining industry as a case study to interrogate the effects of technology on human labour. In Mine, Denny—whose previous work has examined cryptocurrency, capitalism and surveillance—connects mineral and resource mining with the more opaque world of data collection. Setting these extractive practices against a backdrop of colonisation, ethics and economics, Mine reflects on them in terms of both hope and anxiety about the environment, technology, and development.

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Mine will open on 8 June 2019 and runs until 12 April 2020. The exhibition is curated by Jarrod Rawlins with Emma Pike from Mona.