Melbourne drinks: cocktail trees in Northcote at The Distiller

Cocktails tree bar drinks

A little bit Instagrammy, a little bit flash; cocktails mightn’t be for everyone, but who can turn away from a tower of them, begging to be enjoyed?

The Distiller in Northcote has decided to make it a thing, pumping out cocktails trees in a range of combinations for group weekend shenanigans and celebrations all year ’round.

Cocktails tree

Serving up twelve cocktails at a time, The Distiller Cocktail Trees are the perfect centrepiece and will ensure a photo-worthy moment, whatever the occasion.

Here are the options available:

Spritz Cocktail Tree Package, $110

For those who love a spritz, The Distiller Spritz Cocktail Tree is for them. Twelve full sized Grainshaker Spritz to share with friends or family. Each spritz is low calorie, low sugar and garnished with dehydrated fruit and botanicals. Including flavours such as Pink Grapefuit, Lime & Soda and Lemon Myrtle, each spritz is one standard drink.

Classic Cocktail Tree Package, $165

Celebrating the end of the work week, or just getting together with friends? The Distiller Classic Cocktail Tree Package is twelve full sized Grainshaker classic cocktails that are sure to satisfy everyone, from Espresso Martinis to Cosmopolitans and Passionfruit Martinis.

Cocktail Trees are available between 6-9pm on Fridays and 1-9pm on Saturdays. Bookings must be placed at least 2 hours in advance and the tree will be ready for the booked arrival time.

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