Melbourne: Comedy Festival gold in Sri Lankan Fireteam – The Power of Song

Sri Lankan Fire Team

An “elite” team of firefighters, assembled from across the globe, come to what was once known as the peaceful island of Sri Lanka, to counter an arson epidemic which has brought the nation to its knees.

Timely given what Victoria and New South Wales are going through at the moment with the Australian bushfires raging, it’s an off-beat comedy with on-beat tunes and fiery social commentary.

Cast by an entirely Southeast Asian collective, the production is an unveiling all of the firefighting industry’s most mysterious secrets along the way. But the most searing hot secret they’ll be discovering? The power of song. Be prepared for a night of off-beat comedy, on-beat tunes, and fiery social commentary.

Sri Lankan Fireteam: The Power of Song opens on the 23rd of March and runs for 7 nights atThe Butterfly Club, during the 2020 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Bookings recommended.