LONDON: Mac & Wild in Fitzrovia have taken a healthy step

Mac Wild poke bowl 2

Sure, they might flog bottles of premixed cocktails – that smell and taste amazing – they may do some hearty-as-hell dishes that you never want to stop eating and pump out cocktails that you could have one a day of, forever; but Mac & Wild in Fitzrovia are doing something new.

Mac Wild poke bowl 1

They’ve recently added to their menu, a take on a Highland Poke bowl, that takes all the elements of the healthy, almost, food group within itself, and added their own slant.

Mac & Wild are known for their Scottich fare, heartiness and all-round tastiness, so it makes sense they offer something for the more scarcily-fed-inclined amongst us, who’re after something a little more green.

They’ve got ‘wee plates’ of bread, haggis and fish bites, larger plates of burgers and carb-heavy dishes for those winter days, but the new ‘wild bowls’ are all about a healthy balancing-out of the two.

Think, a salmon buckthorn bowl for £14, of sea buckthorn diced salmon, supergrains, green bean salad, miso, lime & sesame, kimchee, Asian dressing & puffed barley, for example.

Or, something like the vegan pulse pop bowl for £12.5, which is as the name suggests, vegan; of golden vegan haggis pops, supergrains, raw kale, chilli, almond & broccoli salad, pickled seaweed, scotch bonnet hot sauce & seeds.

All bases are covered right in the middle of Fitzrovia London, right in time for summer. See the full menu and make a booking at the Mac & Wild website.

Mac Wild poke bowl 3