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Has Mac got your back when you’re switching from Windows?

The Windows vs Mac debate is an ongoing and impossible fight. As Apple develop more advanced systems, though, you wouldn’t be alone if you considered leaving Windows in the dust. Still, it would be naive to go into a switch like this blind. Too often, ex-Windows users make the mistake of assuming that Macs won’t be all that different. In reality, these are very different devices, and they offer very different experiences. To make sure you can adjust, it’s vital to ask the following questions before you even set foot inside an Apple store. 

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Could you access the same applications?

The Microsoft Store is very different from the Apple app store, and both offer varying app access. In some cases, you may find that a Windows app isn’t compatible with a Mac at all. This has traditionally been a problem with Windows-centric programs such as Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Office. Luckily, a version of Office is now widely available on Mac. Windows have also recently released a Mac-friendly version of Edge. If you’re after advice on how to use Microsoft Edge for Mac browser right now – Setapp and companies like them can provide all the information you need before making the change. It’s still vital to note, though, that there may be apps you can’t transfer. If you use such programs often, it’s vital to consider whether there are appropriate alternatives, or whether you’re best off staying put.

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Would you be able to transfer your files?

Getting a new computer always means transferring files. It’s a pain in the backside, but it isn’t typically a problem until you consider a Windows-Mac switch. Of course, Macbooks support standard file formats like PDFs, but you might struggle with certain file types. Word documents, for instance, may be problematic to open even once you’ve installed the Mac version of Office. Admittedly, there are usually ways around issues like these, but they could still take hours if you have a lot of files to bring over. Before starting this transition, then, do your research. If you have a lot of data which wouldn’t be compatible, you could save yourself the hassle by sticking with Windows. Equally, if there’s a simple fix, then you needn’t hesitate to turn to Macbooks.

Could you cope with the keyboard?

A lot of typing is simply muscle memory. You remember where the keys are, and could thus probably get things just about right without looking. That’s why it is worth noting that Macbook and Windows keyboards are also incredibly different. For one, everything is shifted across a little. You’ll also notice that keys like printscreen and hashtag are missing. Some command keys are also different. Before parting with your cash, then, test out a friend’s Apple keyboard. That way, you can determine whether you get along with it or it drives you crazy.

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Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be in the best possible position to make an educated switch which you needn’t regret later down the line. 

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