Looking at fully comp or third-party insurance? Minimise your premiums with these tips

Man driving red car

Shopping around for car insurance isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, however, it’s something every responsible driver must do. It’s easy to think that you’re stuck with the car insurance price you’ve been quoted – click the link for car insurance cover comparisons – but with some careful planning and some simple changes, you can dramatically reduce the cost of your insurance premiums.

Here we’ll examine some simple ways you can minimise your insurance premiums, whether you’re looking for third party or comprehensive cover. 

Compare, compare, compare! 

If you already have a policy in place and you’re due for renewal, don’t just sit there and accept it. By allowing your car insurance policy to roll over every year, you’re simply missing out on the opportunity to save on your cover. As soon as you get your renewal price, speak with your insurance provider to negotiate a better deal. You should also compare your current cover and price online to see what other options are available. Remember, you are not obliged to stay with the same insurance provider year on year – it’s their role to provide you with the cover you need at a price that you can continue to afford. 

Take a defensive driving course

This one is recommended for new and inexperienced drivers who are likely to be facing high premiums. Which is why taking commendable steps to become a safer and more skilled driver with a defensive driving course is often rewarded by wary insurance companies. Taking an accredited defensive driving course gives you additional driving knowledge and potentially lower premiums – it just makes sense.

Drive something smaller

The bigger the engine, the bigger the premium. An average vehicle with a high safety rating is more likely to provide you with the lower insurance premiums that you want. Some insurers may also offer discounts for vehicles that are more environmentally friendly.

Consider paying your coverage in one sum

Of course, paying by direct debit each month is affordable, however, paying your insurance payment in one lump sum often works out cheaper. Consider a single payment to keep your monthly costs low.

Say no to car modifications 

There’s a reason you need to declare any car modifications. Engine adjustments and suspension changes can all increase your insurance premiums. Any kind of modification can make your vehicle more appealing to thieves. Some car alterations could mean you’re driving faster which could lead to a crash or are simply more expensive to replace if damaged. To keep your premiums low, keep your vehicle as simple as possible. 

Drive less!

The more miles you drive, the more likely you are to have a crash. If your mileage is low, so are your chances of getting caught up in an accident. Always be as accurate (and as honest) as possible as far as your miles are concerned, there could be big savings to be had.

Final thoughts…

Remember to always shop around for the very best car insurance price. But compare identical policies, so you’re definitely getting the cover you need.