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Hu Tong Dumpling Bar, Melbourne: Some of the best you’ll ever eat

Melbourne is famous around the world for its eccentric melting pot of cultures when it comes to its food scene. But a night out in Melbourne doesn’t really start (or end) without cheap dumplings and great company.

The worst part about this is unless you are in the know, you can turn a corner and find yourself in a dark dumpling shop where the dumplings taste cheaper than the still water.

But have no fear, Hu Tong Dumpling Bar is here to rescue you from that. Not only do they serve delicious dumplings but they also serve traditional Chinese dishes, originally enjoyed by the everyday people of China but of course with a modernised twist.

The word Hu Tong in Chinese means alley or laneway, so it’s only fitting that the Hu Tong Group chose the well-known Market Lane the location of Hu Tong Dumpling bar.

Now this is no ‘hole in the wall’ dumpling bar, this is an event of a venue with three levels of ample space and great vibes. The food; the glorious food. I did very little research prior to my visit and knew that the dumplings were a must but I figured, when in Hu Tong, why not try a bit more.

To fulfill my craving for winter, I had to try the sweet corn and seafood soup but as for the rest of my order, I left the ordering to the wait staff, who were kind enough to walk us through the extensive menu. ??

The staff at Hu Tong are super – and refreshingly – well-versed the ingredients and cooking processes behind a lot of the menu items. Chinese food can often be a bit hard to distinguish amongst the spice and flair of many of the dishes, but at Hu Tong, the staff are there to help in more ways than just taking orders.

All of that aside, it was delicious and to my surprise. Recommendation of the spread? Shanghai style braised pork. It’s sweet and salty with different textures from the meat and pickled vegetables it was served on. We had never had anything like it before and I would honestly go back just to have that. And everything else.

Find Hu Tong Dumpling Bar in Melbourne at 14-16 Market Lane, Melbourne.

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