Is a 750W eBike legal in Australia?

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Electric bikes have been gaining quite a bit of popularity in Australia in recent years. And for a good reason.

They’re not just great for your own personal health but also for the environment around you. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to get to work or just a fun new way to get some exercise, investing in an electric bike is a great idea.

With the eBike market rapidly expanding, we’re seeing more and more powerful models on the market. Some of them boast motors as huge as 750W – and that might leave you wondering whether or not such eBikes are legal in Australia?

Well, that’s what we’ll be answering today… but before we do that, let’s see why you might want to get such an eBike in the first place?

Why buy a 750W eBike?

As far as electric bikes go, there is a wide variety of options to choose from. There is a range of styles, sizes and prices to fit every need and preference. Likewise, the motor output can vary a lot.

The main reason for buying a 750W eBike – such as the EP-2 Pro from Engwe – could be the insane capability offered by these eBikes.

The 750W eBikes offer a number of benefits over the 250W eBikes that you usually find on the market. With these bikes, you can go farther, faster, and explore what you previously can’t! They can let you go off the road and climb the steepest hills in a safe and efficient manner.

All in all, the 750W electric bikes are a great choice for people looking to add a little excitement to their daily lives.

Is a 750W eBike legal in Australia?

Unfortunately, a 750W eBike is not road-legal in Australia. It means while you can operate these

eBikes on private lands, you can’t use them on the public roads.

The reason is quite simple. As of now, Australian eBike laws cap the maximum power output of an electric bike at 200W (if it uses throttle) or 250W (if it uses pedal-assistance). Either way, the top speed of the eBikes needs to be less than 25km/h.

The 750W eBikes don’t only exceed the power cap, they also exceed the speed cap as well. For instance, the Engwe Engine Pro has a top speed of 45km/h, which is much more than the maximum road-legal speed.

Australian eBike laws are much like what’s followed in Europe… and are quite different from eBike laws in the US, where 750W eBikes are allowed on public roads.

What are your options?

Well, as discussed above, you can use 750W eBikes on private lands in Australia to satisfy the thrill-seeker inside you.

Another option can be to restrict/ limit your power and speed output to comply with the local regulations. However, it’s not a DIY task and you’ll either need to get help from the manufacturer or a certified eBike technician.

We hope we answered your question!