Inner city apartment living: The things to remember

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Some of us are not city lovers and prefer to live outside in the suburbs and open spaces, but there are some of us who wither have no choice but to live in the city or thrive with city living. There are so many pros and cons to both elements and lifestyles, but there is less focus on inner city apartment living. With that in mind, here are some of the things to remember if you live in an apartment in the city. 

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Security options you have control of

Sometimes we have to remember that living in an apartment block can actually be very safe as there is a lot of different access points before anyone can get to your main door. However, it may be worth looking into things such as alarm systems and also looking at the apartment window safety to ensure that things are as they should be. It may sound like small changes, but the more you can do to increase the security, the safer you will feel. 

Getting to know your neighbours 

There is no denying that you need to get to know people that are going to be using communal areas that you will have access to and also the closest people to you such as neighbours. It doesn’t mean you need to socialise with them, but it does mean that you need to think about being in a situation where you know who they are, their names and also enough to say hello. 

Planning ahead 

Apartments mean that you have stairs and lifts that you may need to consider using, and this can make things like food shopping a little more difficult when you have too many bags to carry. This is when you may need to think about planning ahead of time such as only planning and buying food for a few days at a time. This can create less food waste and still enable you to eat well without the risk of carrying too much stuff and having aching arms and legs because of all the stairs. 

Making the most of inner city links and transport 

Living in the city and in an inner city apartment means that you get many benefits. Not only do you have fabulous restaurants, great nightlife options and the city vibe, but you also have amazing city links and transport options. You are less likely to need to use a car in the city, as everywhere will be easily accessible through trams and subway systems, buses and even walking. 

The vibe of living in the city 

Finally, you need to ensure that you make the most of city living and enjoy the vibe and benefits that you get. Living outside of the city means that you don’t have the social aspect and ease of eating where you want, shopping whenever you like and enjoy all that the city has to offer. It may only be for a short time, but enjoy it while you can. 

Let’s hope this has made you more aware of the things to remember when it comes to inner city apartment living.