How to profit from casino bonuses

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Is it possible to make a living and enjoy the process at the same time? Of course, when you
do what you like to do. It just so happens that I adore gambling. “But it’s so dependent on
luck, you can’t make any money on no deposit bonus codes,” you say.

That’s right. Especially if you’re not a fortunate player, like me.

But things change when you start playing smart, using a good strategy and analyzing your
every move. I anticipate the question, “So how does strategy affect the symbols on the reel
in slots, for example?” It has no effect, this is not poker, where the player’s skills directly
affect the outcome of the match. I can’t change anything after pulling a lever. But I can
manage my finances, choose bet sizes, and take advantage of all the features the game has
to offer.

Increasing your odds

Today let’s talk about one of the most important aspects of making money in gambling,
bonuses. Why do they deserve special attention? Because taking advantage of all possible
bonuses, you can greatly increase your bankroll. This is not a joke! I was able to play for

more than $5,000 by depositing only $1,000 to my account. Yes, such opportunities don’t
happen frequently, but turning your hundred into two is as easy as pie.

So what are bonuses and how to use them properly? Let’s find out.

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Why would you do this?

Because of the high competition in the gambling business, casinos resort to all possible
methods to attract players. Bonuses are one of the most popular of them. They are very
profitable for the players. The opportunity to increase your bankroll by several times allows
you to play more games. And the more you play, the higher the chance to win something or
even hit the jackpot. I have been able to turn a profit many times just because of the bonus
games. In addition, free spins, for example, help me to get acquainted with the slot. It is one
thing to learn about it from the reviews, and quite another to play it in person.

What to get

What kind of bonuses are there?

  • Free spins. The most popular type of bonuses in slots.
  • Free games. The same as free spins, but apply to other games. Usually not available
    for each game.
  • Multipliers. Increase the size of deposits under certain conditions, for example for the
    first deposit. Less often it refers to the winnings or wager multiplier increase.
  • Bonus money. Not the most popular type of bonuses, but they still exist. If you fulfill
    some conditions, you get money. However, the money can not immediately be
    withdrawn from the casino.
  • Many others. There are less common types of bonuses, a list of all can be infinitely

How to get

What can you get bonuses for?

  • Welcome bonus a.k.a bonus for new players. It is given when you sign up or when
    you make your first deposit. This is my favourite kind of bonus, this is the reason I
    remain in the game. It is very generous, and after taking full advantage of it and
    withdrawing money from your account, I can safely change casinos and try a lot of
    different ones this way.
  • Deposit Bonus. It is also called the loyalty program. The more you play at the same
    establishment and the more you deposit, the more profitable this bonus is. I rarely
    take advantage of it, as I often change casinos, but if you’re a big spender or a high
    roller, you can get a lot if you play at the same casino.
  • Referral Program. Refer a friend to the casino and get bonuses for their actions. I
    have several internet friends that I regularly invite to casinos where I play myself. It’s
    not the most lucrative bonus, but if you can, you should definitely use it.
  • Promotions and events. Various events held by establishments allow you to get even
    more benefits from playing there. I like to start playing a new casino during events.

Combine the welcome bonuses, first deposit multiplier, and rewards from the ongoing event
with the referral link, taking advantage of the bonuses from the promotion, and you get the
same five grand for the price of one.

What to be aware of

Chasing bonuses is also a kind of game. Even though it is not a game of chance, you can
lose even there.

Despite their benefits, bonuses have a downside, called wagering conditions. And those
conditions can be so unfavorable that you end up spending more at the casino than you get
from the bonuses.

Starting my way in gambling, I’ve run into this a couple of times. I had to play a huge number
of games to be able to get the bonus money out of the casino. Ever since then I always read
the terms and conditions of receiving and wagering bonuses carefully, and I advise you to do
the same. Because it may happen that by investing a thousand, you will not get a bonus of
four, but only one, for which you will have to play games for five, that you also have to invest.