How to make a statement with large framed photos in your living room

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Every design element and personal touch you apply in your home says something about you and your personality. Using a large framed photo in your living room is a great way of making a statement and can have a transformative impact on the look and feel of your living space.

If you look at the tricks that interior designers use on a regular basis in order to create the real wow factor in a room you will normally be drawn to a centrepiece item or display that is designed to really take your eye when you walk in the room.

Framing a favourite photographic image and going large on the size of that picture is a fantastic way of creating that all-important centrepiece and it will become the focus of attention.

Using a large photo in that way can also transform the vibe of the room and definitely manages to say something about the personality and style of the inhabitants.

Here’s a look at hope you can make a statement using a large framed photo in your living room.

A framed photo will add character

An attractive print on your wall can be very nice to look at but it does not add the same level of individuality that a classy timeless framed photo can achieve.

A framed photo manages to add character and because of the personal nature and meaning of the image that you have chosen to frame on your wall, it is an excellent way of making your house feel much more like a home.

What you are doing is personalizing your space and adding a depth of character to the room design all at the same time.

Large photo frames create that all-important focal point in your living room and add a personal touch and style detail too.

Choosing the right photos

Once you have decided to use a framed picture as a centrepiece attraction your next task is to take care in choosing the right image for printing.

It needs to be a style of photo and subject matter that is in keeping with the decor and style theme that you have in your room.

If your home is very family-orientated it makes sense to choose a much-loved family photo that will look good when it is enlarged and framed.

You could also choose a favourite holiday image. The main thing to remember is whether the photos you are going to use are going to complement and enhance the style and feel of your living room decor.

Getting the framing right

Now that you have chosen a photo that you want to put into a large frame and display in a prominent position you also need to think about what sort of frame would be most suitable.

Your choice of frame is important. It is an opportunity to show off your image in the best possible light. It is also a design accessory that needs to fit in with the style of your decor.

Whether you go for a dark or light wood finish, or even a metal frame, it is a choice that will have a big impact on the overall vibe in the room. There are also some obvious environmental benefits to using a frame that has been made from recycled plastic. That is worth considering when choosing your frame.

Finally, you might even want to consider the colour of your frame. A contrasting or coordinating colour can add a whole new level of interest and make a style statement if that’s what you want.


How to place and hang your photos

When you are using a large picture frame to create a focal point in your room you have to get the placement right for maximum impact.

Large frames tend to look best when they are positioned in the centre of an empty wall. It is intended to be the centrepiece of your room design and that is why it should be so prominent.

Make sure you leave a lot of space around your frame if that is possible. This helps to avoid a cluttered look and ensure that there are no distractions when your eye is drawn to the image that has taken centre stage.

Tips for hanging your picture

You could use some painter’s tape to get a sneak preview of how the size and location of your picture will look before you start drilling the wall and hanging it. Using this tape also makes it a lot easier when you are creating a gallery wall and want a preview of how it will all look when the pictures are hung.

Hanging your artwork at eye level is often the best approach. If the centre of your frame is roughly 57 inches from the floor of a typical room, that will often get you to the right hanging height.

Think about the impact of natural lighting in the room and what lighting accents you can use to enhance the effect your image has on the look and feel of the room.

Gallery or stand-alone?

There is a design trend for creating a gallery wall. However, it must be said that a large stand-alone framed photo is usually capable of making a bigger statement.

At the end of the day, it’s a matter of whether you have enough wall space for either one large framed photo, or several images to create a gallery. It is also down to whether you want a centrepiece attraction in the room. That can only usually be achieved with a single photo print of an impactful size.

Once you have made your choice and your chosen image has taken pride of place in your living room don’t forget to maintain and care for your wall art. This will keep them in good shape and protect them so you can enjoy them for as long as you want.

Having read all about how a framed photo can make such a difference to your living room, are you ready to experiment and find the perfect design solution?