How to easily get in touch with your primal side

Man hiking mountain activewear

There are plenty of benefits to living in the modern world. It’s comfortable, we can do more things than ever before, we’re generally kept safe and secure, at all times. However, it’s not all positive. For instance, it can be difficult to connect with the wilder, more primitive side of our being. It’s easy to forget that we’re supposed to be in the great outdoors, doing our own thing — not forever indoors, following social and other rules. The good news is that it’s always possible to reconnect with that side of yourself. Below, we take a look at a few ways how.

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Blood Pumping

What better way to release some of that animal energy than by getting the blood pumping, and working up a sweat? We use our bodies much less than our ancestors did, and, as such, we’re much weaker. By engaging in some exercise, you’ll be giving your body all those chemicals which used to guide our behavior back in the day. It’ll be even better if you do your exercise in the outdoors. It’s all good and well being in a gym, but it can’t quite replicate the feeling of the outdoors.

Cookin’ Fresh

If how we live might be a little different to how we used to live, then how we eat is positively on another planet. While there’s much to be said for those delicious snacks, it’s better to think of them as foods that hijack your eating desires, rather than satiate them. To reconnect with what it really means to eat, you’ll want to invest in some fresh ingredients and learn the art of cooking, ideally with just a flame underneath the pan. This is cooking as it’s supposed to be done.  

In the Home

Part of the taming of our primal side comes from our homes — instead of living out there in nature, we live indoors, cordoned off from the earth. But having a house doesn’t mean that we have to remove ourselves entirely from the outdoors, and outdoors culture. Far from it! Instead, we can incorporate outdoorsy elements into our humble abodes. For example, if you have a wood heater in your home, then you’ll be doing something fundamentally outdoorsy – building fires – every day. Find out more about how you can get one, and begin enjoying the process of outdoor living…in your own home. It’s a small and simple pleasure, but one that’s deeply satisfying. You may also want to take steps to disconnect your internet every now and again — you’ll find that your mind is clearer and your mind is sharper.

Into Nature

But of course, there’s no substitute for being in the great outdoors. While it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to live out there, you can do the next best thing, and take as many trips as you can. Just fifteen minutes is enough to kick in some of our more primal instincts. There’ll be nature nearby no matter where you live — it just requires a little bit of motivation!