How to bet on the races

Melbourne Cup horse

A special place in the global betting market is occupied by bets on horse racing and greyhound racing, although the attitude of players towards them is not the same in different regions of the world, which is associated with historical and cultural features of specific countries. If European bookmakers give good lines and position these directions as one of main, then domestic offices offer these options as exotic types of bets.

In Australia Online betting on horse racing comes with some features that a capper needs to take into account in order to be profitable.

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What should you pay attention to?

Before making his prediction, it is important for a capper to study the following statistics that affect the final result:

Horse age. At a short distance, young horses look like obvious favourites. However, if a capper bets on a long distance, then experience decides a lot.

Rest between runs. It is important for the capper to know what distance the race is planned for, and how much time the horse has received before that for rest. For a sprint, a horse is considered well rested if the pause is a month. For long distances, a long rest is a negative factor.

Jockey weight. The average weight of a jockey is within 60 kilograms. Exceptions are made for beginners. Therefore, knowing the weight of the jockey, the capper can also judge his experience.

Weather. The races take place on open hippodromes, so changes in weather conditions can make their own adjustments to the balance of power – outsiders can easily be among the winners. Cappers usually refrain from betting if major weather changes are expected.

Horse racing betting features

The capper must understand the peculiarities of accepting bets on horse races. Different types of odds are offered at different times, and the bettor should take this factor into account:

AR coefficient. Bookmakers publish quotes long before start of the tournament. It is used by cappers who conduct deep preliminary analytics, determine the favourite and outsider of the tournament.

EP coefficient. Figures are posted at the moment after the list of race participants is approved. Usually the coefficient appears a several days up to the start of the race.

EP-board coefficient. Quotes are valid from the moment the horses enter the courtyard until the start of the race.

SP coefficient. Offered right before the start. The given odds can change for the same horse, so bettors choose those quotes that suit their strategies.

Where to bet on the races?

Top bookmakers offer wide lines of horse racing outcomes. When choosing a bookmaker, the following factors matter:

Office age. The longer the office offers its services to cappers, the more reliable it is.

Quotes. Bookmakers calculate odds using their own algorithms. Therefore, cappers choose bookmakers where odds are higher and margins are lower.

List of events. Popular bookmakers offer to place bets on top competitions, while small tournaments are usually offered by highly specialised bookmakers.

Line. Each bookmaker offers its own line of outcomes – it may contain exotic and combined variations.

Bonuses and special offers. Most of the top bookmakers offer promotions and bonuses that make betting more attractive.

Helpful hints

Traditional strategies for horse racing do not apply. For example, the popular Dogon or Martingale will help you quickly drain the deposit.

You don’t have to bet on every run. Take the time to study statistics. It is important to approach bets with a cool head, make the necessary preliminary calculations, and rely on the chosen strategy.

It’s a bad habit to like horses or jockeys. Bets should not be driven by emotion.

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