How to become a tree when you die

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Mortality is something that many of us are not comfortable talking about until it is too late in life. While the topic might seem morbid and depressing, it is an inevitable part of our life. How we come into this world is not in our hands. However, you can decide what kind of legacy you want to leave behind and how you want to be put to rest.

Being planted as a tree after death will give you the unique chance of living in your afterlife. Memorial gardens are built especially for people who want to return to dust and rise again quite literally.

Additionally, becoming a tree after death is comparatively less costly. It will not financially burden your family once you pass away. You pre-plan how you want to be laid to rest so that your family does not have to bear the additional emotional strain of arranging for a funeral when they should be mourning.

With the help of the latest scientific developments, it is now possible to treat human ashes organically and mix them with the soil to help the tree grow and flourish. So, it is never too soon to take the first step of being planted as a tree after death.

How to Pre-Plan Your Place in the Memorial Garden?

Memorial trees are beautiful reminders of someone who has passed away. It is tangible and living proof of that person’s life. 

It is also an environmentally friendly method to leave behind your legacy and memories. Three major steps are involved in turning into a tree after death. Let us explore them in detail:

Step 1: Choose the Tree and the Package

Similar to human beings, all trees are unique in their own way and represent certain symbolisms and characteristics. So, it would be best to choose a tree that represents the personal traits of your loved one or if they have a special liking for a particular kind of tree.

Here are some of the most popular trees people choose for memorialization:

  • Flowering Crabapple flourishes at the end of spring, and you can see beautiful and delicate double-pink flowers adorning the plant’s branches. The flowers of this tree are often associated with fertility, love, marriage, joy, surprise, and youth.
  • Cherry Blossoms are very popular and are often chosen as memorial trees. The double pink cherry blossom flowers represent growth or a new beginning.
  • Tulip Magnolia is best known for its exquisite deep purple-coloured flowers. The tree represents many qualities, especially perseverance and endurance. It is also known as a symbol of compassion, purity, and nobility.
  • The fruit of the Ornamental Pear tree is considered a longetivity, abundance, and sustenance. In springtime, you will see clusters of delicate white flowers growing all over the tree.

These are just some of the popular trees often seen in memorial gardens. If you have a memorial garden in mind, talk to the management to see what kind of trees are offered to the clients. Apart from that, also see what amenities you will be getting with the memorial tree package.

Some reputed memorial gardens offer you the privilege of choosing where you want the tree to be planted. Apart from that, the management can also provide:

  • A customized plaque for the tree.
  • A planting ceremony with friends and family.
  • Photography services and more

The care and maintenance of the tree must also be their responsibility. 

Step 2: Visit Your Tree to Watch it Flourish and Grow

Once you have chosen a tree and paid for the package, the management will go ahead and plant the tree. When you die, your ashes will be treated organically and mixed with the soil beneath the roots. The tree will keep growing, and so will you. You do not have to wait till your death for the tree to be planted. So, you will not only see the tree grow but also get familiar with the place where you will rest eternally.

Step 3: Your Family Visits the Memorial Tree As You Rest Peacefully

The last step is for your friends and family. Once your ashes are mixed, your friends and family can visit the memorial tree all year round to sit, relax, reminisce, grieve, and relive the happy memories they have with you. 

Why Pre-Plan Your Memorial?

Death sometimes is like an unannounced friend dropping by your home. You can never see it coming. The uncertainty of death is why you should pre-plan your memorial. Also, pre-planning will spare your loved ones from financial and emotional burdens they might not be ready to take up at your death.

Death is a part of life; thus, it needs some planning as well.