How to keep your dog busy while working from home

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It can’t be denied that for many, working from home is just as taxing as the normal type, if not even more so. After all, working from the comforts of your cozy room can often lull you into a false sense of serenity, severely impacting your workflow and ultimately stressing both you and your colleagues. While you most likely won’t be able to negate this entirely, you should be able to ensure that no distracting factors are present in your vicinity.

As cruel as it may sound, your furry canine companion is one of them. That won’t cut it. But at the same time, you can’t simply shut your door on it as it’s inhuman. Fortunately for you, there are numerous ways in which you can occupy your dog for the duration of your work hours, including providing it some amazing food, leaving its toys in the open, getting your family to play with it, giving it some tasty CBD edibles or maybe simply asking your neighbor to take it for the duration of your work. Read on and learn how to ensure that your dog has the best of times without bothering you!

Give your dog the best food

Since your dog is going to spend its day bored and alone, it’s only fair that you provide it with the best dog food. This can be done by either preparing a special meal for it or by doing what some like to do personally – filling up its bowl with some of their own food. This is not only good for your dog as it will enjoy some of the same food you eat, but it’s also a great idea as it will make sure that your dog doesn’t go hungry throughout the course of the day. Just keep in mind that some foods that are safe for you may not be safe for your dog.

Give your dog some toys

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ll know that even when they are left alone, their main source of entertainment is their toys. So why not purchase a number of toys that your dog can play with and leave them out in the open? You can either set these out before your work starts or simply ask your family members to put them out during the course of the day. If you do this, it’ll ensure that your dog has something to do, helping it remain distracted and away from your office space.

Get the family to keep your dog company

Another great idea that you can implement is getting your family members to play with your dog during your work hours. Obviously, this isn’t going to work out if you don’t have any family members at home, but if you do, it might be a good idea to ask them to take care of your dog while you are working. Plus, if there are kids, they can also help with feeding, bathing, and grooming your dog. Just remember that even though they are looking after your dog, you should still make sure that it’s well-fed and properly taken care of – better safe than sorry, especially with the kids!

Get your neighbour’s help

Playing with your dog is one of the greatest ways in which you can keep it occupied for most of the day. And since dogs are social creatures, taking them for a walk and getting some fresh air can also be a great way in which to keep them occupied. To ensure that this happens, if family members are unavailable, why not ask your neighbor – or a friend of yours – to come over during work hours and give your furry friend some company.

Not only will they be able to provide it with some time away from you, but they will also be able to take it for a walk or maybe just play with it at home: either way, both you and your dog win.

Give your dog some CBD edibles

In addition to providing your dog with some amazing food, remember that you can also give it some tasty CBD edibles. This will help ensure that your dog does not suffer from anxiety or stress from being alone and will instead remain calm throughout the course of the day. This is possible thanks to cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in cannabis that has an amazing effect on our furry friends. By giving your dog CBD edibles, you’ll be able to keep its mind at ease and ensure that it remains calm and happy throughout the day.


As you can see, there are numerous ways in which you can keep your dog busy and occupied for the duration of your work hours. By following some of the above-mentioned tips, you’ll be

able to ensure that your dog remains calm and happy throughout the course of your workday without distracting you from your duties. Just remember that even though your dog will have plenty to do during the day, it might still get lonely without you near it. So if you have even the smallest amount of time to play with it or hug it, do it! Good luck!