How to increase engagement on Instagram

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Now all brands are trying to develop in social networks, and as a rule, Instagram becomes the main method of promotion of the company. To draw attention to their brand, entrepreneurs create accounts and post news about their work, photos of their products and hold contests there. That is why if you have your own business, then you need to try to increase your audience.

Before we start telling you some of the tricks, it is worth saying that the most effective method of increasing the audience is your ability to buy Instagram followers on special services. You can use this help once every few months, which will help your account grow.

Add links to highlights

The stories you post on your profile are only visible for 24 hours. And stories in highlights are saved until you decide to delete it. So don’t miss out on this opportunity! Those who have an account with more than 10,000 subscribers can add link links there.

Keep track of the correspondence of the information in the story and the link that you give in it. The more interesting you offer your audience, the more willingly they will go to sites and sections.


Communication is very important! Subscribers love it when real people are visible behind the face of the company, ready to answer comments and questions. We recommend leaving comments under influencer posts (preferably in your field), so subscribers of a popular user will visit your page.

If you sometimes prefer to buy real Instagram followers, then all the more you need to build a dialog with new people. Try to increase your activity in those moments when your audience is growing rapidly.

Make content accessible

Not all users have the opportunity to read any text and watch the video. Make your account accessible to people with poor eyesight and hearing. To do this, use the alt text feature by adding short descriptions to your videos and posts. The device will read the text for the visually impaired, and the subscriber will be able to find out about your news without assistance.

You can add a description using advanced settings when creating a post. Create a short description for your videos and photos. Let’s make the world a little kinder and more responsive!

Take advantage of new features

The platform pleases its users with a variety of effects, masks and features. Use them to increase engagement. Invite your audience to take a survey, vote, or ask any question directly from the story.

Try applying effects (such as zoom) to your recording or apply a mask. Another good solution would be to develop your own mask, which will be tied to your account. The more people who use it, the more coverage you get.

Add your account to your email signature

On average, an office worker sends and receives about 120 emails daily. Why not use this as a channel to attract new subscribers?

The best option would be to develop an individual signature for all employees of your company with links to social networks. This is convenient and will surely attract an audience to your accounts.

Use testing and preview

Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s doubly frustrating if a story or post doesn’t look the way you planned. To avoid such situations, use the preview and test functions. See how your photos will look in the feed or stories, choose suitable and appropriate effects, add several photos for variety.