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How heterosexual sex positions affect your performance in bed

Lasting longer in bed is one of the problems that have more than one dimension in the world of sex. From stigma to dissatisfaction, it’s one of the main reasons that a lot of men, gay and straight are unable to enjoy sex.

Many men do not know this, but premature ejaculation or wanting to last longer in bed is a pretty common problem. The stigma associated with not lasting enough in bed blocks many men from being outspoken about such a problem.

It may sound trivial from the outside, but it’s the element of secrecy associated with it that makes it hard for many men to find a solution. Amongst the easiest and most efficient solutions is using certain heterosexual sex positions that can improve your stamina, in addition to increasing the satisfaction of your partner.

To understand how some of these positions work, keep on reading.

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Giving your partner priority

Some of the positions that are known for a stamina boost also work very well with your partner because it gives them some extra control. While a position like Cowgirl makes you in less control, it gives you a few great benefits in exchange. This is why it’s in the Top 12 Sex Positions to Help You Last Longer in bed. It enables your partner to take the initiative by focusing on themselves, which will help not get too excited and start thrusting quickly. There is also the added benefit of relaxing a bit and catching your breath.

Hitting the G-Spot

The G-spot is a famously erogenous area behind the anterior wall of the vagina, known to produce the strongest and longest orgasms. Hitting the G-spot can be achieved through stimulating the area with a penis, toy, or fingers. It’s not far from the entrance of the vagina. To get an idea of its exact location, insert one or two fingers facing upwards into the vagina, and in a motion resembling the signaling for someone to come over, move the first two knuckles of your fingers. There are numerous positions that can hit the G-spot, and a lot of them can also help you last longer.

The benefit of hitting the G-spot is that it ensures that your partner orgasms in much lesser time. This gives you room to experience a stronger orgasm because you won’t be worrying whether you’ve managed to satisfy your partner or not. You can expect to impress your partner with mind-shattering orgasms that will put your performance way up their list of top performances.

Not relying on thrusts or deep penetration

A lot of people approach most conventional sexual positions with care because of how deep the penetration is. Positions that require deep and quick thrusting make it very hard for someone to last too long. Fortunately, some of the best positions in terms of stamina and satisfaction barely rely on thrusting motion, not to mention they target the vagina’s most sensitive area like the G-spot and the clitoris. It’s much better to go in a circular rhythm because that will allow you to touch the biggest area, which will help your partner experience a more sensual and quicker orgasm.

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Difficulty of posture

A lot of the recommended positions for lasting longer are relatively harder to perform than conventional ones. The reason for this difference is quite simple; it’s because you’ll have to focus on something else other than ejaculating. You’ll notice that it’s easy to slip out or stay balanced if you solely focus on the stimulation of your penis. Your performance will also look better and more acrobatic, which is bound to impress your partner. You’ll also be able to improve your flexibility over time, unlocking even harder positions.

When you’re in the driver’s seat in these relatively hard positions, you’ll be able to focus on maintaining a sensible and reasonable pace. This will allow you to have more control over the stimulation of your penis, giving you the ability to slow down or completely stop when you’re nearing the point of no return. The benefit of shallower thrusts will also sync well with the control you’ll be in.

There is no shortage of sexual positions, but not all of them are going to work in your favor. Depending on your penis type, ejaculation control, height, and other factors, some positions may work out for you and not for others. Finding the right balance between satisfying your partner and enjoying sex may take some time to figure out, but as long as you focus on improving your performance, you’ll be able to get the most out of it in no time.

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